Attorney ‘Jazmen Jafar’ Leaves Law For OnlyFans, Cashes In

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Jazmen Jafar swapped law for lewd and the results have been financially pleasing.

Jafar, whose real name has not been disclosed, had been working as an attorney for just under six months when she decided on a career change. The 27-year-old self-described “digital creator,” left the courtroom for a camera. She joined OnlyFans full-time and this year alone, has already earned more than $180,000 in the first three months of the year.

Prior to OnlyFans, Jazmen Jafar was earning a salary of $75,000, according to Business Insider.

Jafar’s six figures were earned mainly through subscriptions which cost $6.99 per month. (Much cheaper than the average lawyer’s hourly rate, by the way).

Jazmen Jafar Joined OnlyFans Two Years Ago

In an interview with Business Insider, Jafar admitted she only went into law to please her Middle Eastern parents. “Before, when my future was so laid out and I had a great long stable legal career in the works, I hated the thought of the future,” Jafar told Insider.

She originally created an OnlyFans account in early 2021, but only dabbled with content creation. She accepted a position in a law firm a few months later, in October 2021. By March of 2022, she had dropped the legal pad and her drawers, opting for a full-time OnlyFans career.

“I was working at the law firm during the day and at night I would come home and film content,” Jafar told Insider. “I’d film all weekend too. It was always awkward going into the office on Monday and colleagues would ask how I spent my weekend and I’d say, ‘Just relaxing indoors,’ when really I was filming myself sucking [sex toys] or whatever.”

Full disclosure: My best friend’s an attorney. And now I’m really starting to wonder what he’s doing when Saturday rolls around and he stops responding to my texts.

Jazmen Jafar made more than $180,000 on OnlyFans this year. Photo c/o Instagram @JazmenJafar.

Jazmen Jafar Couldn’t Be Happier With Career Change

“Back in the day, jobs like lawyer, engineer, and doctor were what brought you money and stability, but now, with the internet, there’s endless possibilities with what you can do,” said Jazmen Jafar.

For the record, I’m with our girl Jazmen here. Here I am thanks to OutKick and Fox exploring those endless internet possibilities. And, to the delight of many, I’m doing so fully clothed (usually).

Jazmen went on to add: “Many people don’t realize that a lot of lawyers are miserable, and I’m often told I’m crazy for leaving a law job to be a sex worker, but it’s only people that have a glamorized view of being a lawyer that don’t understand my decision.”

It probably doesn’t hurt that ex-attorney Jazmen looks the way she does and not like everybody’s favorite lawyer, Vinny Gambini.

“I chose this because I wanted freedom and happiness,” Jafar said.

Anyone objecting to Jafar’s career change is likely to be overruled.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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