Lane Kiffin Gets Last Laugh At Texas A&M With Five-Star Transfer Christmas Gift

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Lane Kiffin has beef with Texas A&M. Especially head coach Jimbo Fisher.

Ole Miss competes in the same division of the same conference. Tension between the two programs is expected, if not encouraged.

However, Fisher’s NIL diatribes have only caused an open wound to fester. It started in the offseason, when the Aggies head coach went after Nick Saban over his comments about A&M’s No. 1-ranked recruiting class in 2022, which was the best of all-time.

Amidst all of the mayhem, Fisher not-so-indirectly called Kiffin a clown.

Even since then, the latter has not minced his words. He never has and he never will.

Kiffin jabbed at the amount of money floating around in College Station after his defensive coordinator was poached by the interdivisional foe and threw the “clown” label back in Fisher’s face after beating him on the road back in October. It was the perfect storm.

More recently, the two have gone back and forth about NIL and money’s role in recruiting.

Fisher stood on his soapbox and pointed his finger while four fingers pointed back at him. Kiffin simply took the chance to point out the hypocrisy in his statements.

This exchange happened just days after Texas A&M flipped a four-star quarterback from Ole Miss during the Early Signing Period. The irony in Fisher’s diatribe was glaring.

Lane Kiffin got the last laugh on Christmas Day

Remember Texas A&M’s top-ranked recruiting class from last season? Six of them chose to transfer after their first year in the Lone Star State.

Among those to leave was five-star wide receiver Chris Marshall. The 6-foot-3, 205-pound pass-catcher played in just six games as a true freshman because he was suspended indefinitely for a locker room incident, but showed flashes of greatness when he was on the field.

After a tumultuous true freshman season with the Aggies, Marshall hit the portal. The 2022 Under Armour All-American committed to Ole Miss on Sunday.


Or, in Kiffin’s case… HO HO, HA!

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  1. Come on man, this kid is a 5 star talent and and 0 star person to this point. He wasn’t just kicked off the team, he was KICKED OUT OF THE UNIVERISTY, i’m glad he is getting a 4/5th chance, but don’t make this something it isn’t. 0.0 GPA after one semester doesn’t bode well for him either. No doubt this kid has All Pro potential, but he needs to get his shit together asap, or it’s all thrown away.

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