Kyrie Irving Ridiculously Blasts ‘Overload Of Judgement’ Toward Ja Morant

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Kyrie Irving thinks people are being too judgmental when it comes Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant.

The Dallas Mavericks star said that the media specifically was too hard on Morant. He recently returned to the Grizzlies lineup after an 8-game suspension for streaming live video of himself waving a handgun at a club in Denver.

Irving, a guy who has done some monumentally boneheaded things in his career. He knows the feeling of having the media come down on you. Still, he did what a lot of people like to do when facing consequences for their actions: play the victim.

“I believe any hardship in life builds character,” said Irving said according to The Athletic.

“When you’re dealing with particular hardships in the public eye, especially with the media being attracted to just keeping up with what we’re doing, or what’s the next kind of grab or story,” Irving said.

“I don’t want to assume anything by every media member, but that’s just the way it seems for me and my perspective, which is there was an overload of judgment on Ja. There was an overload of judgment on what I had going on, and there’s usually an overload of judgment from the public court of opinion.”

Kyrie Irving said that the media was being too judgmental when reporting on Ja Morant, a guy who made repeated, avoidable mistakes.
Nothing to see here: just two dudes who never made terrible decisions in the public eye. (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

Irving Wants The Media To Stop Judging People Like Himself And Ja Morant When They Do Stupid Things

I think we all get what he’s saying. Still, it’s not like the things that got Ja suspended was something that happened to him. It was something that he did. No one made him livestream that video.

Plus, the video with the gun was just the latest in a series of incidents involving the 23-year-old superstar. There was the incident with the Pacers and the report that he threatened a teenager during a pick-up game.

If anything, a ton of judgment early on probably would’ve done the situation some good.

Every action will receive some degree of judgment. Whether that’s posting a link to an anti-semitic movie on Twitter or waving a handgun on Instagram, there will be some kind of judgment. It could be good or bad, but it will be there.

In the cases of Irving and Morant, they did dumb things, hence the media calling them out for their dumb behavior.

There are a million routes to take when you want to criticize the media, and Kyrie managed to pick one of the few that doesn’t track.

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