Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Seem Bothered By Mavs’ Collapse, Tweets Pokémon Meme

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The Dallas Mavericks season took a turn when they acquired Kyrie Irving, and not in a good way.

Still, that doesn’t seem to have bothered Irving, who tweeted a Pokémon meme that seemed to imply he was at peace with the club’s floundering.

When the Mavericks traded for the embattled point guard, they were in fifth place in the NBA-s Western Conference. However, after the trade, they went into free-fall mode. The Mavs posted a 9-17 record after the Irving deal and were 8-13 with him in the lineup.

He didn’t provide the push the team thought he might, but that sure doesn’t seem to bother Irving himself.

Nope. He took to his protected Twitter account to tweet a meme about feeling at peace and unburdening yourself that featured a picture of the Pokémon character, Squirtle (for some reason).

Kyrie Irving said he feels at peace in the only way he knows how that won’t get him in trouble: with Pokémon memes.(Twitter/@KyrieIrving)

Kyrie’s time in Dallas has been nothing short of a disaster with ex-NBA player Matt Barnes accusing him of ruining teams. Meanwhile, Irving himself called the Mavs a “clusterf–k.”

Not good, and it could be getting worse. The NBA has opened an investigation into the team after they sat several key players in a game against the Chicago Bulls. The thought is that the team was trying to miss the playoffs in a bid to get and keep a top-10 draft pick

Head coach Jason Kidd said that these personal decisions came from the team’s owner Mark Cuban.

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  1. Kyrie, LeBron, Durant, Harden, Joe Biden and his ENTIRE unqualified, quota filled Administration all have one thing in common: They never take the blame for their actions. ALL of them are the Problem, NONE of them are the Solution

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