Kristin Cavallari Calls Divorcing Jay Cutler the ‘Best Thing I’ve Ever Done’

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Kristin Cavallari‘s divorce from former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler is back in the news. This time because of comments she made during an appearance on the “The School of Greatness” podcast.

“The scariest thing that I’ve ever done is get a divorce,” Cavallari said.

She then added: “But it’s been the best thing that I’ve ever done and that has really jump-started my journey on self-love and figuring out who I am now.”

You can see where that might be taken as shots fired at her ex-husband. But it’s not the first time nor will it likely be the last time these two mix it up.

Cavallari filed for divorce in early 2020 because according to sources Cutler had become “lazy” and “unmotivated.”

Since the split Cutler has found plenty of motivation

Since the split Cutler has found plenty of motivation. He got into the podcasting game with “Uncut with Jay Cutler.” A podcast Clay Travis has made an appearance on. And he’s been linked, falsely in some cases, to several women.

As for Cavallari, she’s looking forward to getting back in a relationship. She’s been spotted out a couple of times, but that must not have been anything serious.

She said during her visit on “The School of Greatness,” “I’m in no rush to be in a new relationship, but when I am, it will excite me to see how different I can be.”

I’m not picking sides here, not that anyone asked me to, but I’m just throwing it out there. I’m a fan of both of them.

I think Cutler, because he retired, is hilarious. He was great on “Very Cavallari” and he’s continued that on social media.

I’m not afraid to admit I was a big Laguna Beach guy back in the day. Given that I have Cavallari in my top ten list of all-time WAGs. Call it a blind spot of mine, it’s one I’ll own up to, but I’ll also defend it.

Written by Sean Joseph


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