Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Veronica Bielik Watches Rams-Cardinals With Sean McVay’s Wife, Veronika

Mark down September 25 in the NFL history books.

Sunday in Glendale was like a United Nations summit for NFL wives and girlfriends as Kliff Kingsbury’s Polish hammer Instagram model Veronica Bielik welcomed Sean McVay’s Ukrainian wife Veronika to town for NFC West conference peace talks.

Absolutely huge day in the history of the NFL.

After digging deep into the Internet-era history books, OutKick can report that there’s never been such a summit. It’s never happened where two dueling coaches’ wives and/or girlfriends shared a suite as their significant others battled it out on the field.

As a Fox News Corp. employee, I hate to tell a coworker how to do his/her job, but Tom Rinaldi is sitting on a ratings bonanza if he can come up with a tear-jerker story on the Veronica/Veronika relationship for the November 13 rematch in Los Angeles.

These two could be arch-enemies, but there they were Sunday coming together for the good of the NFC West. No egos. No bragging about Instagram follower counts. No bragging about Super Bowl victories. No trash-talking. No hair-pulling.

This is the type of behavior Roger Goodell should champion. More summits, less Brittany Mahomes.

You don’t see any NFL wives or girlfriends sitting with Patrick Mahomes’ loud-mouth wife and his hateable brother, Jackson.

Meanwhile, what we saw Sunday at State Farm Stadium is what the world needs more of: nations coming together for sports and entertainment for the fun of it.

Yes, the Rams beat the Cardinals 20-12 and Kyler Murray attempted 58 passes, but nobody will remember this game after Wednesday. But NFL historians will never forget the United Nations of the NFC West summit in a State Farm Stadium suite.

This is what rallying for a better world looks like.

Well done, ladies.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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