Kliff Kingsbury Jets Off To Thailand With Veronica Bielik, Tells NFL Teams To Shove It

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Kliff Kingsbury may be recently fired, but our man is content living the good life in Thailand with Instagram model girlfriend Veronica Bielik.

And guess what? He has no plans on coming home, any time soon!

According to NFL Insider Peter Schrager, Kingsbury apparently jetted off to Thailand to meet up with Bielik after getting the boot in Arizona, and he bought a one-way ticket with no cell phone plan.

Can’t imagine why! Schrager added the former Cardinals’ coach has no desire to return to coaching at this time.

Kliff Kingsbury content spending time with Veronica Bielik

What a damn power move from our man Kliff! Fired from your first NFL job?

Fine! I’ll take my guaranteed money and head to Thailand, thank you very much. Oh, you need to reach me? Sorry. The iPhone is on ‘Do Not Disturb’ for the foreseeable future, because I’m on Island Time with Veronica.

What a life. If (when) I get fired from this job, you know what I can’t do? Jet off to Thailand with my Instagram model girlfriend. You’ll find me stocking shelves at Publix so fast you’re head will spin.

Not Kliff, though. Our man has a Plan B that you or I can only dream about.

Kliff Kingsbury.
Kliff Kingsbury is off to Thailand with Veronica Bielik. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Now, Peter didn’t mention exactly what Kliff Kingsbury was doing in Thailand, but the crack investigative team here at OutKick (me) can connect a dot or two, and this one is pretty simple.

Veronica posted the above picture a week ago, and Kliff was fired on Monday. I’ll let ya’ll do that math.

Guaranteed money for the next five years – with a fat check every two weeks!? Yeah, I’d probably take some time to weigh my options, too.

It certainly beats the hell out of dealing with Kyler Murray every day.

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