King Cobra Deadly Enough To Kill 20 People On The Loose At Swedish Zoo

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A deadly King Cobra is on the loose at Swedish Zoo, nobody can find it, and there is PANIC in the streets.

The slithery beast – Sir Vass, but aptly renamed Houdini – arrived at the zoo last week, but apparently escaped Saturday. Four days later, it still hasn’t been found, the zoo is locked down, and zoo-goers are on high alert.

One of the zoo’s snake keepers, Bo Jonsson, told a Swedish newspaper they’ve “clearly made a mistake.”

Chin up, Bo. Incredibly deadly snakes ALWAYS escape their playpens at this place, right?


Houdini, a deadly King Cobra, has escaped a Swedish zoo.
Deadly King Cobra on the loose at Swedish Zoo!

Apparently, the terrarium has housed king cobras for nearly 15 years now, and it’s not often the zoo goes on lockdown mode because one of them escapes.

Speaking of Houdini’s daring escape, the zoo also confirmed how he did it …

Video: Deadly King Cobra Escapes Through Zoo Light Fixture

According to officials, zoo-goers actually filmed the deadly beast slithering through one of the light fixtures in the ceiling.

I tracked down the video, and it’s as horrifying as it sounds.

King Cobra escapes from Swedish zoo.

That’s why I don’t mess with snakes. They can go up, down, side-to-side, and if they bite you … you’re donezo!

OK, that’s mostly not true. If one of the dozens of black snakes in my yards bites me, I’ll be fine – assuming I withstand the ensuing heart attack.

But if ol’ Houdini here takes a chunk out of your leg? You really are dead. OutKick’s crack research team tells me that one bite could deliver enough venom to kill 20 people.

Sleep tight!

Anyway, Houdini is still missing, and while the zoo is closed, the gift shop is still open.

So if you’re in the area and want a souvenir, head on over!

Written by Zach Dean

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