22-Foot Python Swallows Grandmother In Indonesian Jungle

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Hey snake, save some for the rest of the forest.

An Indonesian woman died this week when a 22-foot-long python decided to be a huge pig and swallow the woman while she was out working on a rubber plantation in the Jambi province on Sunday.

According to CNN Indonesia, the woman, identified as 54-year-old Jahrah, didn’t return home after her rubber-collecting duties. Her husband went to where she worked and discovered her sandals, jacket, and knife. There was no sign of Jahrah.

A 54-year-old Indonesian woman was killed when a python swallowed her whole. / via jambi.tribunnews.com

On Monday, the husband returned to the area with a search team, and then there it was, the monster python with a bulge as if it had been crushing draft beers and chicken wings. The locals had a pretty good idea what had happened to Jahrah.

She became a massive meal for this pig.

Eventually, the snake was cut open and there she was — grandma. Yes, she was a goner. Suffocated to death like the python eating a whole deer.

“It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach,” a local villager told media outlets.

Indonesian snake experts believe the python turned on Jahrah due to a lack of animals in the area where they typically feed on wild boar. One expert, Anita, told the Jambi Tribune that pythons don’t move very far from their habitat and if there aren’t wild boar to eat, they’re going to go to plan B.

“For now the prey of large animals has decreased. So logically, it is impossible for large animals to be full by eating small mice,” the expert added.

Sobering news, right?

WARNING: Python video from Indonesia!

Let this sink in if you had some Indonesian backcountry trek planned to shoot some Instagram photos. This story of Jahrah should be your notice that these snakes aren’t playing games and eating humans could be their new go-to as the world continues to evolve.

That’s why these damn snakes have to be eradicated from the Everglades, as OutKick’s Tomi Lahren told you about earlier this year. These snakes will get to 22-foot-long and they’ll run out of gators to eat and they’ll start eating kayakers.

How does this happen before the human is able to get away?

According to the San Diego Zoo, the python grabs prey with its teeth and “quickly wraps coils of its body around the prey and squeezes.”

That’s right, Jahrah was likely dead before she ever went down the feed tube.

“The python doesn’t actually crush the prey and break its bones, though. Instead, it squeezes tightly so that its prey can’t breathe; each time its prey exhales, the constrictor tightens its coils to take up space, causing suffocation. The python can also feel the prey’s heart beating, so when it stops, the snake knows it is safe to release its coils and begin to eat,” the Zoo reports.

Good luck out there in the Indonesian jungle. It feels like today’s news is a game-changer.

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