Kevin Durant Has ‘Gone Dark’ Since Trade Request: Report

It’s been exactly one week since Kevin Durant hijacked the first day of NBA free agency by asking for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. 

Since that fateful day, rumors galore have swirled around where Durant may wind up next season. 

Durant is rumored to have the Phoenix Suns as his number one landing spot, with the Miami Heat a close second. Even the 2022 NBA champions, and Durant’s former team, the Golden State Warriors have been floated as a potential reunion location. 

With all of the talk surrounding Durant’s future – as well as the Nets organization – the NBA has still yet to hear from the man who is at the center of the drama, aside from an occasional tweet.


According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Durant has “gone dark.” 

“Since he requested a trade, there’s been numerous stars that I have spoken to that have been trying to get in touch with him to pick his brain to see if he would consider other avenues,” Haynes said on his “Posted Up” podcast. “Just want to get a sense of what he’s thinking.” 

“KD has gone dark. He’s not talking to anybody,” Haynes continued. “Not answering anybody’s phone calls. Not responding to texts. KD has gone dark. The only time you see him get out into the sunlight is when he responds on Twitter. And he’s not saying anything much on there aside from probably going at a fan or something like that. He’s gone dark. Guess he’s hoping this process plays out the way he wants to. But he’s pretty much not speaking with anybody right now aside from his inner circle.”

Brooklyn appears to be taking its time in finding the right trade partner, and the right return, for Durant. 

On Thursday, Brian Windhorst said that the “bidding war” the Nets expected for Durant has not occurred. 

“When the Nets put him on the market, I think they thought there was going to be a tremendous bidding war,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s “Get Up.” “And while there’s a lot of interest, from what I can tell, that bidding war isn’t really hot right now. The teams have made their offers and they don’t really feel the need to increase them.” 

Windhorst said that the recent Rudy Gobert trade, which saw the Utah Jazz receive four first-round draft picks from the Minnesota Timberwolves, has made a potential Durant deal more complicated. 


“The Jazz make this trade with Rudy Gobert last week where they get an incredible haul of draft picks. In which the Nets responded by saying ‘Now the price for Durant just went higher.’ And the rest of the league is kind of saying ‘We don’t think so. We don’t want to pay that price. We didn’t like that trade.’”

Written by Joe Morgan

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