Kenny Smith Downplays The Draymond Green Punch, Suggests That’s Normal Behavior

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Draymond Green connected with a haymaker of a punch squarely on the face of teammate Jordan Poole, but two-time NBA champion Kenny Smith doesn’t think it was a big deal at all. In fact, Smith suggested that it’s relatively normal to see that type of behavior in practice.

After the video leaked from the Warriors’ practice showing Green’s punch, NBA fans and players shared their surprised reaction to the clip. It was undoubtedly a vicious punch, but Smith doesn’t see it that way, he believes everyone’s reaction to Green dropping his teammate is overblown.

“That behavior is uncommon in normal society, without question,” Smith told TMZ Sports. “However, that behavior happens a lot in sports because of the physicality, the adrenaline, and all those things.”

“I thought it was going to be worse when I saw the video. I was like, ‘Oh, they just got into a scuffle,'” Smith continued, while adding that he thinks Green will be fined for the punch. 

Sorry, but this is not just a “scuffle,” this is one teammate trying to inflict serious damage to another.

Smith’s opinion about the punch is not a popular one, as the vast majority of people reacted in shock after seeing the video.

This seems like a typical case of Smith – someone who played in the ‘tougher’ days of the NBA – trying to suggest his generation of players was more physical than today’s.

Green announced over the weekend that he would be taking a few days away from the team while also explaining that he apologized to both Poole and his family.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. People die from punches like that. You fall back, hit the back of your head on a hard surface and you’re dead. Lot of people in jail right now for manslaughter from throwing a punch like that in a bar fight. Anyone downplaying the severity of that punch is delusional

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