Kayla Simmons, World’s Sexiest Volleyballer, Puts Olivia Dunne On Notice With Maxim Deal

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Former Marshall volleyball star Kayla Simmons — dubbed The World’s Sexiest Volleyballersaw Olivia Dunne’s Sports Illustrated gig and decided to hop on the cover of Maxim.

Check and mate!

Simmons announced the latest development with a heater of an Instagram post late Monday, complete with a sneak peak of the Maxim Australia cover.

Yes, Maxim Australia. Didn’t know that was a thing, but apparently there are Maxim’s all over this great world. Luckily for the Land Down Under, they just stole one of America’s finest.

Shame on us for allowing that to happen.

Kayla Simmons sees Olivia Dunne join Sports Illustrated and scores Maxim deal

It’s Kayla world right now, folks. Forget everything you know — Kayla Simmons has burst onto the scene and grabbed the world by our faces.

Olivia Dunne made headlines last month when she joined Sports Illustrated, and I feel like volleyballer Kayla here deserves the same treatment.

It also begs the questions — which is better? Maxim or Sports Illustrated?

I feel like SI always gets the publicity and Maxim was always the annoying stepchild, but I disagree. Let’s not sit here and act like most of us didn’t grow up with dad’s Maxim’s magazines on the back of the toilet.

Kayla Simmons gaining on Olivia Dunne.

It was a simpler time, frankly. No phones. No texting, no Instagram, no TikTok. Just a good, old fashioned magazine and some alone time to do your business on the toilet.

Nowadays we all just sit there for hours on end scrolling mindlessly through stupid tweets and posts while China spies on us. Gross.

Anyway, Kayla Simmons has been on one hell of a heater lately — including swimming with the sharks and touring Europe. Not a bad way to start the summer season.

This one, though, is easily her biggest development. In a world ruled by the likes of Paige Spiranac and Olivia Dunne, volleyballer Kayla is slowly but surely making gains.

The race is on.

Written by Zach Dean

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