Kayla Simmons Celebrates Reaching The One Million Follower Mark With Some Light Topless Reading

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To be totally transparent here I’m not sure if the topless reading took place before Kayla Simmons celebrated one million followers on Instagram. Or if she reached the milestone because of the topless reading.

Whatever the case, we have an Instagram star celebrating reaching the one million follower mark. And we also have topless reading that took place on or right before the former volleyball player reached that mark.

Former volleyball player turned Instagram model Kayla Simmons topless
Former volleyball player turned Instagram model reaches milestone (Image Credit: Kayla Simmons/Instagram Story)

Both are worthy of taking a closer look at. Whether the milestone or reading took place first is neither here nor there. Kayla’s been grinding since she called it a day on her volleyball career back in 2018.

While she seems to be receiving more attention lately, she’s far from an overnight success. This is a milestone that was a longtime in the making. One that was reached the old fashioned way, through a lot of hard work.

Kayla’s been out working hard building up her social media brand. She hasn’t taken any shortcuts. Whether she’s spotted at a sporting event or the traveling the world in the name of content, she gets out there and gets after it.

It’s the type of grind you can’t help but respect. It’s crazy to think that her climb to a million almost never happened.

Kayla Simmons Discusses The Difficulties Of Playing Volleyball With Big Boobs

If the school administrators at Marshall had their way her run would have come to an end before it ever really got started. Kayla told the NY Post back in 2019 how they tried to convince her to delete her Instagram account.

“College athletics was a great experience for me, but it also taught me some valuable lessons,” she said. “I was told by my school administrators that the pictures I post are inappropriate because of my body, I was even asked to delete my Instagram at one point.”

Kayla didn’t take their advice and decided to make it a career when she left the school.

“I was torn because I felt I couldn’t embrace my body and play the sport I love,” she added. “I’ve since learned that you can’t let other people affect how you feel about yourself.”

Talk about a bunch of poor evaluators of talent. They most certainly had an agenda they were trying to push and missed the mark with that advice badly. Kayla is much better off for having ignored it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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