Instagram Star Kayla Simmons Is Officially A Hockey Fan

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Former Marshall volleyball player Kayla Simmons is a legitimate Instagram star. Since calling it a career on the court and walking away from the net, she’s spent her time building up a huge following.

The 27-year-old Florida native has accomplished that with a nonstop content stream that is among the best of what is on the social media application. That content has turned her into a veteran of Morning Screencaps.

Instagram Star Kayla Simmons Is Officially A Hockey Fan
Instagram star becomes a hockey fan attending Flyers and Caps game (Image Credit: Kayla Simmons/Instagram)

Between her bikini pics, Kayla occasionally makes an appearance at a sporting event. She’s been spotted at Dodgers, Lakers and Chargers games. The latest sporting event she popped up at was the Flyers and Capitals game in Washington DC on Saturday.

After the appearance at the game, Kayla took to Instagram and shared her experience with her almost 880,000 followers. The 3-1 Caps loss turned her into a hockey fan.

She announced in the caption, despite appearing to support the hometown team by wearing Caps colors, that she is “officially a hockey fan.”

From the looks of it Kayla was close enough to the action to enjoy the sport even in a loss. That’s a good thing for those who enjoy the sport.

Kayla and hockey seem like a match made in heaven. The sport has a long history with women in low cut tops getting attention at games.

Most recently, fellow influencer Rachel Stuhlmann got some camera time while attending a Blues game. But the sport really doesn’t have an influencer to call its own.

Hockey Has An Opening For Top Influencer

There are influencers who are fans, and whenever Mikayla Demaiter throws on the pads she gets plenty of attention. That said, nobody has separated themselves as the hockey influencer the way others have in other sports.

It’s there for the taking if Kayla so chooses. Will she go from “officially a hockey fan” to influencer for the entire sport? Time will tell.

The cameras might have missed her this time around, but seats close enough to the glass or in the line of vision of the right camera operator will no doubt turn into some TV time.

Written by Sean Joseph

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