Kayla Simmons Discusses The Difficulties Of Playing Volleyball With Big Boobs

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Kayla Simmons is a certified social media star. The former Marshall volleyball player has gone full blown Instagram model since leaving the sport and college behind back in 2018.

She’s approaching a million followers on Instagram and this week she decided to breathe life back into her dormant YouTube account. The 27-year-old revived the account with a Q&A session.

Instagram Model Kayla Simmons Boobs
Instagram model Kayla Simmons Q&A (Image Credit: YouTube)

Kayla discussed playing volleyball at Marshall, the downside of playing the sport with big boobs, and the kind of guys she’s into. There was no easing into things with a “what’s your favorite color” question or anything like that.

The first question, after a brief intro, was about her boobs. Specifically, did Kayla’s ever get in the way of her athletics. She wasted no time in answering and broke it all down.

After confirming that her boobs did get in the way she said, “It’s funny because in middle school, I actually wished to have small boobs… I wanted small boobs because it would have made everything easier for volleyball. But I did not get that wish.”

“I fell like you can’t jump as high, you can’t run as fast, like it hurts to dive, everything is harder.”

Despite any obstacles that her large chest placed in her way, Kayla was able to land a D1 scholarship to play volleyball. So, while everything might have been harder on the court, she certainly managed to figure things out.

Not to mention they didn’t hurt her transition into becoming a well-known Instagram model. And she is well-known. Anyone who makes multiple appearances on Morning Screencaps usually is, even if they weren’t beforehand.

Kayla Simmons Is Single And Has A Few Requirements

The entire Q&A wasn’t focused entirely on her boobs, although she was asked how much silicon she has. The answer is: Stop asking. Kayla’s all natural and sick of answering the question.

For anyone hoping to slide into her DMs go right ahead. She’s single. But only slide if you meet a few of her requirements first.

If you’re an unfunny short jerk who isn’t athletic and has a skin care routine you’re wasting your time. Kayla’s into funny gentleman, who are tall and athletic, and aren’t pretty boys.

Having a little stubble on your face is a bonus and good news, six packs are not required. So if you check these boxes it’s safe to shoot your shot.

If you happen to grab her attention and land a date, don’t take her to dinner. Kayla’s not into the whole interview process. Take her out and do something, an activity is more her speed.

Good luck breaking through. It sounds like there’s a famous guy or two that might be sliding into her DMs on occasion too.

Written by Sean Joseph

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