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Rise up, Millennials, it’s your time to fight back against the Boomers who think you’re worthless & will turn this country into a complete disaster when they all die off

Thanks to a little prodding from Millennial Griff, I decided it’s time we do a Screencaps Millennial Week where we allow people born between 1981 and 1996 to fight back against the narrative used by the Baby Boomers that Millennials are a drain on society.

Screencaps Millennial Week will be your chance to show that you’re not worthless and sitting around updating your phone apps instead of Doing Hard Things.

Keep in mind that submissions don’t have to be how you roofed your house by watching YouTube videos. Toot your horn a little bit about life in general. I think the Boomers need to hear about smart businesses that were formed by Millennials.

Remember, Boomers are blowing through their 401Ks on all sorts of stuff, so impress them for a minute. They want to impress their fellow Boomers by showing off how much money they’ve spent on food, cars, houses, boats, lake houses, winter getaway houses, RVs, etc. This is your chance to suck up as much Boomer money as humanely possible before they all croak. Brag about your business on Screencaps. Separate a Boomer from a portion of his/her 401K, legally, of course.

Us Gen Xers are just here to watch how it plays out and listen to music.

JT writes:

Hi Joe and everyone out in Screencaps Nation, Happy Do Hard Things Week! First I wanna disclose that I’m on the older side of Millennials at 39. I also want to say that just living through my 30s is the real Hard Thing and all the projects we do are what keeps me sane. Seriously, when the real adulting starts life is just one bitch-slap after another. I’m just going to give my 4 favorite projects from around my house in the past 6 years or so which will definitely not include insulating the attic.

First things first, before my first winter after I got a house I knew I had to put in a fireplace insert. A 40-year-old heat pump just doesn’t cut it through a Northeast Ohio winter. So I went and got the largest Pacific Energy stove insert on the market and I personally dragged that beast up my front walk and down into my living room and installed it in the existing fireplace and ran an insulated liner up the chimney. Best money I’ve ever spent but I’m here to tell you that thing is a pig. Every time I pull it out to clean the chimney liner I wonder how I got that thing in there.

Next up is the picket fence around the back acre. After my daughter was nearly killed (you don’t want to see the ER photos believe me) by a neighborhood pit bull out for blood it was either fence in the back yard or never feel safe again. I started digging holes and setting posts. The sheriff saw to the dog. 

Now my personal favorite is the treehouse because it was just for the joy of giving it to my kids. Don’t worry, I added stairs, I’m just using old pictures because the weather is nasty today.

The latest is the woodshed which you guys have already seen. The good news is it’s already almost full. 

Next on my list is taking essential appliances off-grid with a solar power system. I’m deep into the research and getting ready to purchase components.

Now I want to say this to Boomers who think my generation is weak and incapable. Your generation did good for themselves and a lot of you had good old-school values. It’s also a generation that grew up in a golden age of postwar prosperity and is frankly naive about how the world works. The American dream was attainable in the world your parents built. I remember when I found out that my dad built his house for a sum equal to his annual blue-collar income. I couldn’t believe it. What has happened to real living standards on your watch is a shame and so my generation is the do-it-yourself generation. If we don’t know how to do something we go online and figure it out because we sure as heck can’t afford to hire it done.

I’ll say this too, maybe my community is an exception but when I sit around the table with the guys I went to school with nine out of ten are busting their asses running blue-collar business. I think my generation has realized that help isn’t on the way so we’re just going to do things ourselves.

Cheers to all.

The tipping point

• Sean C. in Granger, IN always provides a well-thought-out email that tends to lead to more emails, so let’s get right to it:

So this tipping topic has been front and center for a few weeks now.  I’ve seen lots of smart thoughts here.  I think the pandemic and overtipping to favorite local restaurants for takeout food (which I didn’t disagree with) has helped to bring in this new era. 

While places like Jersey Mike’s and Subway have often asked for a tip at the pay terminal (and even online), I guess the idea that they’re sandwich “artists” created the thought that they deserve a little more.  Maybe they should ask for a tip at the beginning of the line, and maybe they’d throw an extra piece of ham or turkey on my sandwich. 

But all these other places asking for tips is going too far.  Even before Bidenflation, I think it’s safe to assume that the cost of making my food is included in the price.  Now everything costs more AND they want me to supplement their payroll.   Tips at a serviced restaurant or bar…….that’s it!! 

But has anyone seen this one yet……….”rounding up”.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been to 2  different fast food establishments, through the drive-thru.  After I pay another 35% for a quarter pounder, I’m asked if I’d like to “round up”.  So if my meal is $8.13, they want $9.  That’s another 10% on the 25%-35% of increases in food costs. 

Give me a break.  I do think it’s an easy ask.  If my meal is $8.97, ok, go ahead and round up.  But if I’m paying an extra dollar every time, give me a break.  South Park did an episode about this years ago (based around Whole Foods) where they’d always ask for extra money for hungry children.  They guilt you into it. 

This needs to stop. 

I went to visit my friend in Mentor, OH this past weekend.  In addition to finding out that Mentor is the childhood home of Mitch Trubisky (sorry Mentor), we went to the Browns game Sunday.  While hanging out on the concourse at halftime, there were beer vendors, standing in one spot.  Not traveling around coming to find me.  Standing there.  I walk up to get a beer, and on the pay terminal (which is the only way you can pay), it prompts you to give a tip. 


You are a beer vendor.  I’m supposed to be able to sit in my seat and have you come to ME!  That’s worth something.  Not having you stick your hand in a tub of ice and open up the beer, which are two things I’m capable of doing. I’m done with this tipping for no reason.  

One thing that did catch my attention during this topic was Rob N in Panama City who emailed Monday.  He talked about tipping his trash guy.  I usually tip my guy at Christmas, but I think of it more as a Christmas gift than a tip.  Kind of like how my mom would bake cookies for the mailman back in the day, or tip the paperboy.  But the trash guy has been good to me. 

He’s saved me money a few times with oversized items that may or may not be part of “regular” pick up.  I’m happy to tip him.  I think that’s the standard we need to group together on.  Provide me a real service, and you’ll be tipped accordingly.  

Mike T. knows what I want to see from his Italy trip

• The Ts are still in wine country and Mike had the camera out Tuesday for this beautiful three-wheel taxi.

Danny W. is working as a pilot again

I know when Danny is back in the air after having a few days off — we start getting new photos from the sky as he flies into another destination.

Danny writes:

I-15 from Southern California to Vegas. The lights of Sin City in the distance.

The Home Depot drive-thru

• Harvey D. in NW Ohio was just down the road from me Tuesday when he saw this parking violation:

I was in your neck of the woods today, buying supplies to keep building America, and I caught this at Home Depot. ( see attached)

No placard in the window, no nothing. Just a little M22 sticker in the back glass.

A coworker of mine says that that route in the state up North is the “Fudgie Trail” Me being me, asked if that had something to do with their sexual proclivities, to which he replied “no it’s the route along Lake State up North that all the Hoi Pollois have their summer homes”.  

Slap ass right in the middle of where the people who do stuff too hard for the ones who can’t get their materials loaded up. I had to come back around and get this one because I left the phone in the truck. A good 20-minute trip had elapsed and it was still there. Do not let the emptiness fool you,  it was packed when I walked up. Some guy trying to get 2 pallets of flooring into a trailer and a couple of people wrestling supplies into the back of a van.

I understand it was raining, drizzling, graepeling whatever the hell Jay, Ryan, or Heather call it. But really are you that self-entitled that just because you drive a car that costs more than the average tradesman’s first house, you get the VIP parking under the awning so your hairdo doesn’t get all soggy? The guys loading materials at 3:30 in the afternoon are hitting a side job or trying to get a jump on the next days little slice of Hell! 

Opening this little discussion up to the Screencaps Brotherhood. 

Raise Hell and Praise Dale!

Probably on the same watch list with Beau,

Harvey D.

This is absolutely an asshat move by the Mercedes community. Do you know how many times I’ve pulled into the Lowe’s drive-thru to load a 4X8 sheet of plywood into my wife’s grocery-getter and there’s some asshat parked in the drive-thru and that asshat isn’t buying plywood?

Too many times.

Yes, a 4X8 sheet will fit in the van. That’s why I’ve refused to get sucked hard into a massive truck payment. Not necessary when I buy plywood like twice a year.

Hey morons, unless you’re about to start shoving 2X4s into your Mercedes SUV, GTFO of the way.

Speaking of Beau in Toledo, he wrote to me at 12:27 a.m. after counting cinder blocks to figure out Hildeeeee’s height, but he wasn’t the only one

• Beau pens, via email:

Let’s get the fun stuff outta the way first…  I nominate Heywood J.’s (something tells me I know His “last name”: ha!) opening line of “CallMeDrunk” as an official nameplate on the back of an Official ScreenCaps! shirt, which, imho, should be offered in the font of your favorite mlb team.  SCREENCAPS! in Cincy Reds or Detroit Tigers fonts would get “add(ed) to cart” on my account, as would every jersey The Great #NolanRyan ever wore.

For a #TNML Member drop, I went to Janney’s and saw this gem on the wall, and had to look it up… a Toro FlyMo 19.  Quick Search found this: Repair and Restoration Of This 1965 Toro Flymo 19 Mower

I may have to try to find one just to do it.

Now for the stuff that seems to get me in trouble.

Tipping garbage truck workers? If they ACTUALLY lift.  The “one-arm-bandit” trucks we have in the 419? Yeah, we feel lucky when the driver drops off our garbage can in OUR yard, and not 20ft into the neighbor’s yard… looking at YOU, Republic Services (@RepublicService) / Twitter .

Here in the NWO, we tip our SnowPlow Truck Drivers, usually with #DaddyPops, for after their Shift.  They often pull 16 hr shifts making sure First Responders can get to where they’re needed, and schmucks like me can get to work, despite me having a Level 3 Snow Emergency HallPass. 

Hildeee being a “midget”?!? 

Yeah, so what.

Yes, I counted the cinder block courses behind Her in Tuesday’s ‘Caps, and I have Her, at best, 5’ 3″.  I’ll admit that it took me 10 minutes to get past #DatGurl’s Eyes though, but still.  The shortest girl I ever dated was 5 foot nuthin'(OMG was that fun!), the tallest was taller than my 5′ 9″ frame at 6’… doing my best to keep this email Family Friendly, so You’re not going to get me to argue for either side of Short Hotties vs Tall Hotties. (HINT: They All win)

Speaking of Tall(ish) Hotties… Miss Paige



The attacks only prove that #TheButthurt is real, and the “woke” are scared… 

So-called Imperfections are Perfectly Wonderful… ignore the haters, 

The only thing wrong with You, @_piagge.renee , is that You haven’t entered in to the golf tourney at #PutInBay that @JoeKinseyexp sets up every year… fix that.

Just sayin’.

The Domestic Terrorist formerlly know as,

Beau In Toledo 

More Hildeeeee height calculations

• Jason R. in Far Nor Cal writes (I’m not sure if he and Beau in Toledo have some secret chat room going on, but they both counted cinder blocks):

Had to shoot you a quick email before heading home.  I agree with Jon C.  The Paige hate is pathetic.  Then he mentioned Hildee possibly being a midget.  I looked at the post of her on today’s edition and she is standing next to a wall made of cinder blocks.  Appear to be standard 16x8x8.  Standing roughly at 7-1/2 blocks high would put her right about 5′.  So there you have it.  Have a great night, keep up the great work!

• John L. writes:

Joe, check out this photo of Hildeee.  Her belly button is absolutely repulsive.  Plus I like the other reader’s theory that she is actually a midget.

Can’t get enough of Emily Elizabeth!  In one of  today’s photos she is enjoying the Blue Lagoon, near the Reykjavik airport.  It’s a great time as long as you avoid the drunken Brits.

And is it my imagination, or is Mikayla Demaiter photoshopping her ass a bit smaller?  Some of her pictures definitely look better.

Used car prices are dropping which makes sense

Not a day goes by when I’m not impressed by the work of this community. It could be counting cinder blocks or it could be used car buying advice. Remember those emails where you guys predicted when it would be the best time to start looking at the used car market? Well, the numbers are in and used car prices are officially down 10% over the past year.

I might start looking at cars just to see where the numbers stand here in NW Ohio. No hurry. I’m fine if they tank another 20% over the winter when people are busy paying their heating bills.

Speaking of paying bills, here’s the latest drama in NW Ohio — sky-high water bills & when I say sky-high, I’m talking MASSIVE water bills

There’s definitely something going on in Maumee, Ohio where multiple residents are receiving bills that show up like a computer glitch added an extra digit. The city is telling people they must have leaks.

And we officially have a situation on our hands here. Don’t be surprised if you see this play out on one of the national news networks.

From WTOL:

“One of those Maumee water customers is Kayla Plaunt. She lives alone in a 1,600-square-foot home along Anderson Avenue. She works two jobs, including one as a physical therapist. She said that since March, she’s been “tapped out,” sinking every dime she can into a more-than $4,000 city of Maumee water bill.

I went over my allotted time this morning. I missed deadline, but it was worth it. Look at this post. It’s LOADED. You guys are spending a record amount of time on OutKick because Screencaps is being peppered with great content from across this incredible country.

Keep it rolling. Keep being the eyes and ears of the common man and woman in the United States. This plan is working beautifully.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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