Kayla Simmons Brings A Friend For Some Chesty Cowgirl Content

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Kayla Simmons has traded in her slightly undersized Baywatch style red swimsuit for a cowgirl hat and a figure hugging white dress. The internet’s favorite volleyball player turned Instagram model is back from her overseas trip where she spent her time laying waste to the beaches in Greece.

Her return to home doesn’t mean she’s wrapping up her content for the rest of the summer. Just the opposite, she’s keeping things rolling while she takes aim at one of the latest social media trends.

If you haven’t been paying attention, cowgirl content is hot in the social media streets this summer. Being in on everything that takes place on social media, it’s not surprising that Kayla would get in on this trend as well.

She grabbed a friend, a couple of cowgirl hats, and some country line dancing worthy dresses for an attention grabbing clip. Kayla and her friend then sang along with Josh Turner’s Would You Go With Me before she slapped a “yee yee” in the caption.

Kayla Simmons Has Made The Transition To Instagram Model Seamlessly

Could it really be that easy? Can Kayla and her unnamed friend just sit on a bed with cowgirl hats on, sing along with a couple of lines of country music, and call it a day?

Is that all it takes to take on a social media trend? The short answer is yes. When you’re Kayla Simmons it is that easy.

I wouldn’t suggest that everyone could pull it off, but she’s certainly is on the short list of Instagram model who can do it.

The comment section supports those claims. As do the thousands of likes the short clip has racked up over the day or so the video has been up.

“A gorgeous duo,” one supportive comment read.

Another said, “Wow you guys are gorgeous. I love that you played volleyball.”

“Giddy-up lovely ladies,” a third, who was feeling the cowgirl vibe, said.

Hitting the one million follower mark and landing a Maxim deal is how Kayla got the summer going. She threw in overseas vacation then dominated another social media trend to put the finishing touches on an impressive summer run.

Written by Sean Joseph

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