Jutta Leerdam, The ‘World’s Hottest Speed Skater,’ Celebrates Boyfriend Jake Paul’s Win Over Nate Diaz

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Say what you want about Jake Paul, but the dude wins. Sure he’s fighting, for the most part, old MMA fighters past their prime. Yes his only loss was against the only real boxer he’s stepped in the ring against. His record is still 7-1.

That record only reflects his wins in the ring. Out of the ring these fights have benefitted his bank account with – who knows how much money? But what is having a ton of money if you have no one to share it with?

World's Hottest Speed Skater Jutta Leerdam
Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam attends the Boss Spring/Summer 2023 Miami Runway Show at One Herald Plaza. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

Well mark another win down for Jake Paul there as well. He went from one huge social media star in Julia Rose to an even bigger star – dubbed the “World’s Hottest Speed Skater” by OutKick’s Culture Department – in Jutta Leerdam.

Rumblings of a relationship between the YouTuber and the Dutch blonde started back in March. By the time April rolled around they were Instagram official with a coordinated attack making the relationship known to their large followings.

The two have been going strong ever since. On Saturday night, Leerdam was on hand for her first fight as Jake Paul’s girlfriend. That meant some fight night fit check before heading to the arena.


Fight night ready. I think my eye was tripping extra from the nerves πŸ˜‚

♬ som original – Gui

Once at the arena Leerdam was hand in hand with Paul as he made his way to the dressing room to prepare for his latest middle-aged MMA fighter, Nate Diaz.

Jutta Leerdam Knows A Thing Or Two About Competition

The fight went pretty much as planned. Paul was going to win on points, but not be able to knock Diaz out given how difficult he is to KO. That’s exactly how things played out.

Diaz ate a ton of big shots and was dropped by Paul one time during the fight. He popped back up fairly quickly and was able to go the full 10 rounds.

Despite the expected outcome, Paul’s girlfriend of a few months was very impressed with his performance and Sunday to took to social media to congratulate him on the win.

“I’m so so proud of you. You have only been doing this sport for 3.5 years and make the biggest fights happen.” Leerdam said. “You inspire me so much with your work ethic, the way you think big, and your crazy determination.”

“You are special @jakepaul. My champion.”

Now we can officially put the W in the books for Paul. He setup another record padding fight then went out and won the fight.

The money rolls in and the hot girlfriend puts a bow on it with a congratulatory social media post. Not a bad weekend if you can manage to pull it all together.

Somehow Jake Paul managed to do just that.

Written by Sean Joseph

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