Jake Paul Defeats Nate Diaz, But Not Before Being Put In A Headlock

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Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz, but it appeared things were about to go horribly wrong before the final bell.

The social media star turned boxer fought the former UFC star Saturday night in Dallas. Paul entered the bout as a heavy favorite, and for the most part, looked like the better fighter.

Nate Diaz put Jake Paul in a headlock during their Saturday night fight. (Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images)

However, there was a moment late in the fight when it looked like Nate Diaz was about to revert to his old MMA ways.

He grabbed Paul and put him in a headline, and it appeared like he was about to send him to the promised land. Fortunately for Paul, the ref quickly put an end to the situation.

Jake Paul improves to 7-1.

Jake Paul was looking to bounce back after losing to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia, and decided another old MMA fighter far past his prime was the way to go.

It worked because Paul is now 7-1 as a pro fighter. Five of those wins have come against aged out MMA fighters.

The only time he fought an actual boxer – Tommy Fury – Paul lost. That’s why he prefers to stick to washed up MMA fighters.

As Nate Diaz said going into the fight, “No matter how the fight goes, let’s don’t forget this motherf*cker can’t really fight. Motherf*cker! F*ck you.”

The Jake Paul show is mildly entertaining, but he needs to stop fighting former MMA stars. It doesn’t make sense.

It’s pretty much a different sport. If Jake Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to step into the ring against star boxers.

Of course, that will never happen because even a mediocre guy like Tommy Fury handled him with relative ease.

Jake Paul defeats Nate Diaz. (Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images)

Odds are high he’ll continue to stick to washed up fighters to pad his record. There’s no reason to take him seriously until he regularly fights star boxers.

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