Julia Rose & Jake Paul Split Is Official After Boxer’s Valentine’s Day Post

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It’s official, Julia Rose is single and you guys better be shooting your shots in her DMs.

Jake Paul, Rose’s now-former boyfriend made the breakup news official official Tuesday morning when he posted a Valentine’s Day tribute to the love of his life — his boxing gloves. “Happy Valentines Day from me ‘n’ mine. I love you babe,” Paul wrote to his boxing gloves in an Instagram post that has fans buzzing.

According to TMZ, the Rose-Paul relationship was clearly on the rocks going back to December when Paul posted “Picked the wrong Rose” on Instagram. The two have since unfollowed each other on social media and in this era it doesn’t get much more official than that.

The biggest blow to the content world with the news of these two being dunzo is that it means the end of Julia Rose’s podcast appearances with Paul. Those podcasts turned into incredible content for those of us who traffic in content. There was the time Julia Rose got Dwight Howard to reveal he’s had sex in his NBA dunk contest Superman cape.

There was also the time on the podcast when Julia revealed an NFL player had been sliding into her DMs. Fans believed the NFL player in question was Deebo Samuel.

And who can forget Julia getting into a mud-slinging contest with Tommy Fury’s girlfriend and declaring she’d whip the girlfriend’s ass in a mud-wrestling match?

That’s what we’ll miss the most from the Paul-Rose relationship: Content.

Now Julia goes back to life as it was before the Jake Paul circus.

“(I)n a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit,” Rose wrote Monday night in an Instagram post.

What does it mean? Helluva I know. She did post a picture of a cookie and the Hobbit book like she’s sitting down to read the book.

Guys, here’s your chance to slide into those DMs to share your best memories of the Hobbit and converse with a woman who’s clearly struggling right now after watching her relationship with the bad boy of boxing dissolve into a breakup.

Go out there and do work. This is your chance.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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