Jake Paul’s GF Julia Rose, Once Again, Wants to Mud Wrestle Tommy Fury’s GF

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The Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight is back on. So is Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose‘s desire to mud-wrestle Fury’s girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

Originally scheduled for December last year, the fight between Paul and Fury never took place. Fury backed out of the fight due to illness and injury.

After months of trash talk on social media, the two are now set to step in the ring. Fury and Paul took to Instagram to announce that they will be fighting on August 6 at Madison Square Garden.

Here’s what Fury had to say after the contract was signed: “The contract has been signed after weeks and weeks of waiting for Jake Paul to sign up to the drugs testing and potentially putting the fight at risk, he’s finally signed up to the drugs testing.”

“We’ve agreed on a contract that we’re happy with, so the fight is going ahead and I’ll see you August 6.”

In a moment of seriousness, the YouTuber turned boxer showed some respect for his opponent

Paul often jokes about Fury and his ability, but in a moment of seriousness, the YouTuber turned boxer showed some respect for his opponent:

“All jokes aside, this is my toughest test yet. You guys wanted me to fight a real boxer, you guys have been tormenting me day in and day out.”

He added of Fury, who holds a 9-0 professional record, “You tell me to fight a real boxer, the answer is no ‘f*cking problem.’ As far as real boxers, this is as real as it gets. Tommy Fury comes from a legendary bloodline of fighters; the gypsies who have been mauling people since they were f*cking born.”

Shortly after the fight was officially announced, Paul’s girlfriend and content machine, Julia Rose, asked her more than one million followers if she and Fury’s girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague should mud wrestle.

It’s something Rose suggested the two of them do the first time around. The overwhelming majority of her followers (85%) want to see it. Who knows? Maybe the two of them could work something out and get a mud wrestling match on the fight card.

The only problem with that is they would have to be the main event. I don’t know many people that are going to be all that excited to see Paul and Fury trade punches. Rose and Hague rolling around in some mud, now that will put asses in the seats.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. 6,000,000 human beings “follow” the skanky girlfriend of a boxer ….. !!!! I’m pretty sure THAT is mentioned somewhere in Revelation as a sure sign of End Of Days . We ARE DOOMED!!

    6,000,000 is more than the population of Colorado (5,600,000). Think About That … and Be Very Afraid!

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