Josh Allen Brutalizes DB With Awesome Stiff Arm

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Josh Allen rocked a defensive back Thursday night.

During the 31-10 win for the Buffalo Bills, the young NFL superstar scrambled for some yards, and he almost sent Rams DB Nick Scott to the promised land with a stiff arm that needs to be seen to be believed.

Not only did the Bills QB manage to drop Scott, he elevated the DB right off the ground with his vicious stiff arm.

Josh Allen is truly a freak of nature, and that’s not up for debate. How many QBs in the NFL are capable of doing something like this?

There are plenty of athletic and quick passers in the NFL, but when it comes to looking for contact and throwing brutal stiff arms, Allen might be in a league of his own.

It was at this exact moment Scott knew he’d made a huge mistake. Allen sent him flying like was swatting away a fly.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen lights up Rams DB Nick Scott with a brutal stiff arm. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Most QBs look to slide as soon as a defender gets close enough to drop the hammer. Not only does Allen not shy away from getting hit – despite being on a contract worth north of $258 million – he will look to embrace the violence.

Early in the game Thursday night, Allen also lowered his shoulder instead of sliding. The Buffalo QB, who finished the game with four total TDs, just doesn’t show fear on the field.

Josh Allen unleashes awesome stiff arm against the Rams. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

It certainly must help that Allen is 6’5″ and 237 pounds. He’s the size of a linebacker or a tall safety, but he’s under center playing QB and lighting up DBs.

Scott learned the hard way that just because you throw a football for a living doesn’t mean you won’t unleash a little chaos if it comes to it on a scramble.

INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 08: Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills rushes the football against safety Nick Scott #33 of the Los Angeles Rams during the third quarter of the NFL game at SoFi Stadium on September 08, 2022 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

P.S.: For everyone following OutKick’s fantasy football league, Allen had 37.48 points for the Tier One Day Drinker last night. Not a bad start for my humble squad.

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