Jorge Masvidal Praises America: ‘I’m In The Greatest Country In The World’

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Jorge Masvidal isn’t afraid to praise America and God very publicly.

Masvidal retired after his final bout at UFC 287, and he spent his final moments in the octagon praising Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

“We’ve also got the greatest governor of all time here in Florida. Let’s keep Florida free, a red state,” Masvidal declared to the crowd in Miami earlier in April after also praising Donald Trump, who was in attendance.

Now, he’s continuing to make clear he has nothing but love for the country that welcomed his father with open arms.

Jorge Masvidal loves America.

“First, let me say thank God for everything that I have, thank God that I even give this interview. Thank God that I’m in the greatest country in the world, the United States, in the best state in the country, Florida. And I’m biased, the best city in the world, Miami,” Masvidal told Brian Kilmeade on Saturday’s “One Nation” when asked why he vocally praised DeSantis and Trump.

The star fighter further added, “My dad, his best friend and his best friend’s uncle, they got two tire tractors, turned them into a raft and hit the seas [from Cuba]. Seven days later, they got to the Bahamas. From there, he got extradited to the USA and began his journey … As I got older, you know, like close to my teens, like 11, 12 years old, I really understood why my dad did this. And it was escape the tyranny that is communism over there in Cuba, in places like Venezuela, where we see this happening in Brazil. So this was like just part of like a daily topic, a daily conversation that we talk about always, you know, whether I engage it or not. This was spoken out on the dinner tables around the family.”

You can watch the full segment below.

It’s great to see Masvidal praise the USA.

It feels like there’s been a little bit of momentum when it comes to people with platforms praising the red, white and blue.

Generally speaking, a lot of celebrities seem to love trashing America. That’s why it was also great to see Jake Gyllenhaal speak out and say America is a country full of heroes.

Masvidal’s dad grew up in communist Cuba. He launched a daring and dangerous escape in order to make it to America. He got the job done and raised his family in the greatest country on Earth.

Masvidal is clearly incredibly grateful to have grown up in the USA. It’s not a mystery why. If your father lived under the oppression of communism and escaped, you’d probably be damn grateful to be here too.

Jorge Masvidal loves America. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

A lot of people trashing America – looking at you Hollywood – have no idea what it’s actually like to live under oppression.

As Jorge Masvidal once told Joe Rogan, the idiots talking about how awesome communism and socialism are wouldn’t last “one day” living in a place like Cuba.

Masvidal continues to be a pro-freedom voice. He loves America, and it’s always great to see him share his thoughts on the USA. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more pro-America athlete than the retired UFC star.

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