John Rich Says Bud Light Sales Have Fallen Off A Cliff At Nashville Bar

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Nobody seems interested in buying Bud Light at John Rich’s Nashville bar Redneck Riviera.

The popular beer brand has taken a massive hit ever since teaming up with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. People are not happy the company decided to team up with someone who seems to make a mockery of being a woman.

Following the collaboration, John Rich hinted Bud Light would be replaced at Redneck Riviera and it sounds like that point is rapidly nearing.

John Rich might replace Bud Light at his bar.

The member of Big & Rich revealed during an interview with Tucker Carlson nobody is buying it anymore and he’s not just sitting on cases and cases of the beer.

That means something has to be done, and if it’s not selling, then it’s gone.

Will John Rich pull Bud Light from Redneck Riviera? (Photo by Frederick Breedon IV/Getty Images)

“The customers decide. Customers are king. I own a bar in downtown Nashville. Our number one selling beer up until a few days ago was what? Bud Light. We got cases and cases and cases of it sitting back there. But in the past several days you’re hard-pressed to find anyone ordering one. So as a business owner, I go, hey if you aren’t ordering it, we got to put something else in here. At the end of the day, that’s capitalism. That’s how it works,” the famous country music star told Tucker Carlson during a Monday night interview.

The beer brand is in trouble.

Bud Light sales have taken a massive hit at bars around America. Some bars have seen sales decline by more than 50%, according to a Fox Business report.

This is what happens when companies go woke. Bud Light’s vice president of marketing Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid made it clear she wanted to eliminate the beer brand’s frat guy image.

Why? Nobody seems to know but her strategy seems to certainly be failing. If the goal of teaming up with Dylan Mulvaney was to bring in new customers, it appears to be a failure.

As Theo Von joked about while reacting, Bud Light seems to be appealing to such a tiny minority and upsetting so many in the process.

It truly doesn’t make sense and the company is now feeling the wrath of angry customers.

John Rich is likely not alone when it comes to dealing with people not buying Bud Light. If sales continue to freeze, it’s hard to imagine more and more businesses not pondering pulling it. It went from being a popular beer brand for bros and sports fans to being ripped from limb to limb after teaming up with Dylan Mulvaney. People just don’t want to drink beer involving woke politics.

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