Joe Rogan Calls Out Hollywood’s Hypocrisy With Gun Debate

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Hollywood hates guns behind the scenes but it’s willing to profit off on-screen appeal according to Joe Rogan.

Rogan gave Hollywood a rotten review for their handling of anti-gun propaganda off the set, while making guns looks bada** on screen. He was speaking to fellow comedian Tim Dillon on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast and called out the industry’s lack of a consistent script with its messaging on guns.

“Isn’t it f**king wild that Hollywood in general is very anti-gun, but they promote guns more than any other media on the planet?” Rogan asked Dillon, as relayed by Fox News Digital.

He listed recent gun-heavy action productions that have done well in Hollywood.

“All their best movies, whether it’s The Gray Man, or whether you’re watching The Terminal List or Mission: Impossible. It’s all — ‘guns save the day.’ Guns kill aliens, guns kill werewolves, guns kill everyone. Everyone bad gets killed by guns.”

And Hollywood has strongly backed these gun-heavy productions, recently evidenced by the $200 million production budget for Netflix’s The Gray Man, as well as greenlighting its sequel.

Despite ardent anti-gun messaging from Hollywood figures, the industry has failed to move the needle on gun safety. It often aims to abolish gun ownership at the crux of their advocacy.

In cases like Alec Baldwin’s on-set shooting of a cinematographer during the production of his upcoming film Rust, Hollywood sent a mired message regarding its record with gun safety.


The payoff for putting entertaining action, devoid of messaging, has often exceeded Hollywood’s expectations. Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible franchise has netted nearly $3.6 billion worldwide.

Actor Chris Pratt’s Amazon-produced The Terminal List, has put up impressive viewership numbers despite its lukewarm coverage due to its military-based storyline. Plus there’s that whole discourse over Pratt’s open Christianity, but it appears audiences don’t care.


“‘But guns are bad and you shouldn’t have guns.’ It’s crazy,” Rogan added upon his critique.

“I get it. Because if they start paying you the kind of money they make to ‘play pretend,’ they start paying you that kind of money to play ‘dress up’ – $80 million a year, $40 million a year, you start to go crazy,” Dillon added during the discussion. 

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