Joe Exotic Is Peeing Blood But He’s Ignoring It In The Name Of Justice

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Joe Exotic is willing to die in the name of justice. And if that ain’t beautiful, I don’t know what is!

Exotic, the gay lion tamer who’s been locked up for years now thanks to that rotten Carol Baskin, is apparently peeing blood behind bars. Doctors are concerned his existing prostate cancer has turned into bladder cancer, and want him to get that bad boy checked out.

But guess what, doc? Joe says, ‘No way, Jose!’ If he dies, he dies. Perhaps then the world will see just how corrupt our judicial system really is.

In a letter obtained by TMZ (of course), Exotic said he prefers “to stay here and just let it take its course,” while also saying “the world has to know just how corrupt our justice system is … If I have to be the one to die innocent in here fighting for the truth maybe people around the world will finally speak up for the truth for once.”

Joe Exotic may be dying.
Joe Exotic.

Joe Exotic may be dying of bladder cancer

Unreal heroics here from Joe Exotic. What a legend.

Our guy is willing to die a terrible death and live out his final days peeing blood behind bars just to start a revolution when it comes to the criminal justice system.

Exotic, who’s real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has been in prison for years for his (alleged) murder-for-hire plot against Carol Baskin. Everyone remembers Tiger King, right? Feel like I don’t need to rehash the whole thing since it’s literally all we had to watch back in 2020.

Anyway, Joe’s tried any and everything to get out of prison, including a plea to President Biden (yeah, good luck with that one), but it’s been to no avail. TMZ recently said he’s even started writing his will, and plans to leave all his money to fiancee Seth Posey, who he met over the internet. 

“I could care less about dying, my birthday is coming up soon and all I want is to see Seth,” his most recent letter read.

Happy birthday, Joe!

Written by Zach Dean

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