Joe Biden Makes Sense For Once, Tells Woke Reporter NFL Isn’t Getting Too Dangerous

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On Wednesday, Joe Biden gave a pretty good answer to a question.

That, in itself, is shocking.

The question was inspired by the collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin after suffering a cardiac arrest onfield. It has been the top story in sports since Monday night and led to questions of whether the NFL has gotten to the point where it’s too dangerous.

On Wednesday, that question made it to the President of the United States.

“No,” Biden says when asked if thinks NFL’s getting too dangerous after Damar Hamlin. “Look, the idea that you’re going to have — you’ve got guys that are 6’8, 340 pounds running a 4.8 forty — if you hit somebody—and that’s not what happened here, but I just think it’s—I don’t know how you avoid it.”

It took him a while, but he got there.

The President also reportedly called the Bills safety’s family

Good to hear that Biden reached out to the Hamlin family, but at the same time isn’t having a knee-jerk reaction to what was a horrible accident.

As OutKick founder Clay Travis correctly pointed out, the left is starting to put football in their crosshairs.

In some ways, it’s already started. This week, Joy Behar — not exactly a shining beacon of rationality, but still — said that heterosexual and conservative men were to blame for severe football injuries.

The great irony in this is that the National Football League has spent the last few years courting woke people. Some attempts were more successful than others.

See how well that appears to be working out for them?

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