Woke CNN Guest Is Mad At How NFL Used Black Performers At Super Bowl

The NFL’s use of black performers during the Super Bowl was “a little bit like putting a band-aid on a tumor,” according to a woke CNN guest who is mad at how the league used black performers Sunday night in Los Angeles.

Mara Schiavocampo, who has had stints at NBC, MSNBC and now ABC News, jumped on CNN’s “New Day” to analyze Sunday’s halftime show and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a bright moment for black people fighting for social justice.

“It was a good night for hip-hop … [but] it was a bad day for the movement,” Schiavocampo said Monday morning. “Because the NFL was able to successfully use Black performers to distract Black audiences from the issues that are important to them without making any meaningful change.”

Is anyone worn out by this nonsense yet?

“All the problems that the NFL has been accused of are still there,” Schiavocampo added. “They know that they have a PR problem. The reason we know they have a PR problem is because they put all this diversity in front of the camera.

“Now that’s a good thing. All of these black performers deserve those opportunities and should be showcased, but that is not enough. What Brian Flores is fighting for. What Colin Kaepernick was robbed of is economic opportunity in the NFL and that is what they consistently refuse to make changes on.”

Look at this hustler at work.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. 🙄 The comment about Kap is just absurd. The dude sucked as a QB and couldn’t read a defense, one of the worst QBR’s in the league. His career ended and he pivoted to the race card to extort money from dumbasses like Nike. If he was serious, there is no way he would take money from them, because they use Chinese slave labor (actual slave labor, not his imaginary kind where blacks make millions to play a game).

    Brian Flores has a gripe, but it’s not about the color of his skin. He really didn’t get the job because he wouldn’t tank games for the Dolphins owner (which is against league rules). The Dolphins owner then smears him in the league circles, which is BS.

    BTW, The process the NFL uses under the Rooney rule is absurd. It’s nothing but a useless check mark.

  2. Black and bitter. What a miserable combo. Does anyone really care what this bitch thinks or says? The only place this BLM cunt COULD wind up is on CNN. There`s no point in debating any of this. Everyone knows their whining is all bullshit…………LMWAO!!

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