JK Rowling Put On A Master Class In Dealing With Woke Idiots

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Harry Potter author JK Rowling is a favorite target of the woke mob, but she made it perfectly clear once again that she simply doesn’t care.

After news broke that Warner Bros. Discovery is producing a TV adaptation of Rowling’s books with her involvement, people who couldn’t stand her basic understanding of human biology were enraged.

These people let her know the only way they know how: by tweeting at her.

However, Rowling had a message for them too. She just flat-out doesn’t care what they have to say or their boycott.

Rowling dunked her tweet in enough sarcasm that even the most oblivious human being alive can pick up on it. The subtext was simple: “I don’t care about your boycott.”

And honestly, why should she? If anything, she should be pumped.

An attempted boycott of Hogwarts Legacy backfired spectacularly. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Boycotts Against Rowling And Her Creations Have Only Helped

The last time woke activists tried to boycott something in her orbit was the video game Hogwarts Legacy.

Now, in that instance, the idiots who called for the boycott weren’t even informed enough to know that Rowling had nothing to do with the game. Still, the extra attention didn’t cripple sales the way “activists” (that’s in quotes because tweeting things doesn’t make you an activist) had hoped.

Instead, it served as free publicity and the game flew off shelves.

If that’s the most recent precedent, Rowling is probably pumped those blithering dopes want to boycott her new show. If history repeats itself — and it almost certainly will — it’ll bring in huge audiences.

Rowling’s simple tongue-in-cheek retort to the legions of basement-dwelling, pink-haired, now blue-checkmark-less (the last bit of personality they had left) frauds that flooded her mentions is exactly how situations like this should be handled.

Not back peddling, not apologizing, and certainly not acquiescing to their demands.

You simply tell them in terms even they can understand, “I don’t care.”

Sure, this is easy when you invented the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Most of us don’t have that on our CV. Still, the mob doesn’t have any power unless you give them power.

Rowling certainly knows this and is a master at telling her detractors to pound sand.

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