JJ Redick Screams Ja Morant Shouldn’t Face Severe Punishment Because Greg Abbott Talks About Guns With ‘No Consequence’

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You could argue that JJ Redick is the most level-headed, noncontroversial personality at ESPN. The former NBA player is typically the calmest person to appear on ‘First Take’ as well, which isn’t saying much, but that wasn’t the case Wednesday when the conversation started about Ja Morant’s latest gun video.

Morant was suspended by the Memphis Grizzlies after he flashed a gun on Instagram Live over the weekend. This is now the second time in less than three months that the superstar has shown off a handgun while streaming on Instagram.

The first gun-waving incident took place at a Denver-area strip club back in March, which resulted in Morant being suspended for eight games. This time around, Morant was in the front seat of a car waving a gun around.

Morant was not charged with a crime after the Denver incident and has not been charged with anything in relation to his most recent gun video.


Redick does believe the Grizzlies point guard deserves some sort of punishment but doesn’t believe the league should “lay down the hammer” on him. He is well within his rights to have that opinion, plenty of other media members share the same thought, but the reasoning behind his conclusion not only makes zero sense but carries dangerous rhetoric.

The Duke graduate seems to think that Morant should walk away with a slap on the wrist because politicians, specifically Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, talk about guns and face “no consequences.”

Redick didn’t stop there, he went a giant step further and insinuated that Abbott is responsible for “mass shooting after mass shooting in Texas.” He then referenced Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles’ Christmas card that showed his family holding guns before reminding viewers “there was a shooting in his very district.”

This is incredibly unhinged and irresponsible commentary from Redick. He took a discussion about a potential suspension of an NBA superstar for waving a gun around into a political conversation insinuating two elected Republican officials are responsible for mass shootings because they happen to be pro-Second Amendment.

Redick screaming at the top of his lungs at the end of the segment really brought the entire act home, with the keyword there being ‘act.’

Morant is likely facing a lengthy suspension to begin next season with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver telling ESPN on Tuesday night to expect “the worst” when it comes to a potential punishment.

When the league does announce Morant’s inevitable suspension you can expect to see Redick and others at ESPN regurgitate a similar version of Redick’s word vomit in the days to follow.

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