Jim Trotter, On Way Out Of NFL Media, Says League’s Newsroom Covers Up Owner Behavior

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NFL Media has let go of several personalities recently, and one of them was columnist Jim Trotter.

He announced earlier this week that his contract with the NFL had not been renewed.

Only a few days later, he decided that if his time at the league-owned network was over, he would go scorched earth on the National Football League.

Trotter hopped on Twitter and launched his opening salvo, which had to do with former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL over alleged discriminatory hiring practices.

Trotter alleged that the Brian Flores lawsuit was just the tip of the iceberg for what he says was an underlying issue woven into the culture of the NFL.

He also levied a big accusation about the league’s media outlet working to cover bases for the league’s owners.

It’s not a shock that the league wouldn’t want to shoot itself in the foot with its newsroom. Still, there are plenty of ethical questions that could be raised.

Could Trotter Be Readying Himself For A Lawsuit

The former NFL Media employee was true to his word and did have more to say. Once again, he didn’t hold back and went straight for the man at the top: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Specifically. accused the commissioner and EVP/Chief People Officer Dasha Smith of not doing enough to increase “Black representation in the newsroom.”

Some outlets — such as Pro Football Talk — have written about how Trotter could potentially be gearing up for a lawsuit as well.

Perhaps that wouldn’t be shocking. Trotter raised the same questions while still on the league’s payroll and it lead to this exchange ahead of the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Trotter’s contract with the league reportedly had no arbitration clause in it. That would mean that if he does file a suit, it would occur in an open courtroom.

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