James Harrison Playfully Responds To Antonio Brown’s CTE Allegations

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James Harrison had a great response to Antonio Brown’s allegation he gave him CTE.

The former Steelers and Bucs WR decided to hop on a livestream and accuse the legendary linebacker of giving him CTE.

“I wanted to tell you guys that I think James Harrison gave me CTE. James Harrison had an illegal helmet for over 20 years in the NFL and he hit me one time. Ever since he hit me I’ve been super aggressive. So, blame James Harrison for my CTE,” Brown claimed.

Late Saturday afternoon, Harrison responded on Twitter with a famous video of Idris Elba choking up while eating hot wings and saying “Oh, sh*t!”

James Harrison hits back with the perfect response to Antonio Brown.

When dealing with someone like Antonio Brown, there’s no point in getting in the mud with them. Is AB really going to engage in a serious debate about whatever brain issues he might have?

Obviously not. If he was, he probably wouldn’t have just lobbed this accusation without any evidence other than his word.

Given how out of control he’s been over the past couple years, his word also doesn’t mean a damn thing. This is the same dude who recently shared pornographic material on social media of a woman who claimed to not consent to the images being shared. We’re not dealing with a guy with a long history of making great decisions.

James Harrison responds to Antonio Brown’s CTE claim. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

If you are going to respond, you might as well make it funny. That’s exactly what James Harrison did, and he comes out looking like the winner. It’s not even a tough call.

Also, if you’re going to blame any hit for having head issues, it’s likely not one from James Harrison. Do we all remember when Vontaze Burfict dropped him in a game?

That was one of the scariest hits in recent league memory.

Someone really needs to take Antonio Browns’ phone away. He’s simply not doing himself any favors. It seems like it’s a disaster every time he logs online.

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