Police Body Camera Footage Shows Jake Paul Leaving Friends Behind During Altercation With Floyd Mayweather

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More footage has been released of Jake Paul’s dust-up with Floyd Mayweather.

Back in early March, the two and their entourages exchanged words outside of the Miami Heat’s arena after a game against the Miami Heat.

The initial video showed the YouTuber turned boxer flee at the first sign of trouble.

Now, body camera footage obtained by TMZ shows Jake Paul being whisked away by police as things start to get intense.

Authorities took Paul, who lost his last boxing match to Tommy Fury, into the Kaseya Center to keep him safe. You can watch it all unfold below.

Jake Paul appeared to abandon his entire entourage.

As noted at the time the original video dropped in March, the whole situation is a very tough look for Jake Paul.

He wants people to believe he’s a tough dude. His whole persona now is that he’s a rugged boxer. Of course, nobody with a brain has ever believed that.

Is Jake Paul a fake tough guy? New video shows him fleeing from Floyd Mayweather. (Photo by FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images)

The body camera footage makes him look significantly worse. What’s one thing you should ever do during a bubbling crisis? Leave your friends.

Yet, that’s exactly what Jake appeared to do here. Floyd Mayweather has a long running beef since he fought Logan Paul, he approached the younger Paul brother and then Jake fled like a scared little puppy leaving his entire entourage behind.

People had to try to convince the police they were with him instead of just being left behind with Floyd Mayweather. What kind of person just cuts and runs with his friends left behind?

How can anyone stay in Jake Paul’s entourage after he ran away like this and left them on their own? I know guys who were in actual gunfights, found safety, reloaded and returned to the streets to save their friends.

Jake Paul ran away at words being exchanged and left his entourage to sink or swim on their own. How can anyone justify that?

Jake Paul ran away from Floyd Mayweather during a March altercation. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

Of course, we’re certainly not advocating for violence. Not at all. It’s just clear Jake Paul wants to act like he’s about that tough guy life, when in fact, he very much is not. We all knew it. Now, it’s on video forever.

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  1. Clown hit peice. We can agree Paul is no elite boxer, but this is in no way a bad look for him. If anything its a bad look for Money and his crew. You really expect Paul to start throwing like a thug in the street? Ok tough guy…

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