Jake Paul Flees In Pathetic Fashion After Being Confronted By Floyd Mayweather

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NEWS FLASH: Jake Paul is, indeed, not a tough guy.

The social media star turned wannabe star boxer was confronted by Floyd Mayweather Wednesday night after the Miami Heat game, according to TMZ, and he very literally tucked tail and ran away.

As soon as Mayweather and his crew came near him, what appeared to be Paul’s security attempted to play peace maker as the social media star turned boxer turned and fled like his life depended on it.

Even though there was literally no threat at all, Jake Paul was apparently so terrified he had to make a run for it.

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather have history.

It’s not hard to understand why Jake Paul might not have been happy to hang around and talk with the star boxer.

Paul infamously snatched a hat off Mayweather during a presser for Logan’s fight against the legend.

During that incident, Jake Paul famously said “I got your hat” as it sounded like he was doing his best to not cry.

Now, when confronted in public, Jake made a run for it like his physical safety depended on it. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There was no shot Floyd Mayweather was going to do anything. He was just chirping him. Yet, the talk itself was enough for Jake Paul to flee like a scared kitty cat.

Jake Paul fled from Floyd Mayweather in Miami. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images)

It’s a reminder these influencers aren’t nearly as tough as they think. Jake Paul might do some boxing, but not clearly enough to feel like he wasn’t in danger.

Remember, he’s not the first influencer who might be faking it. Bryce Hall got rag-dolled by Vegas security after trying to act tough.

Jake might like people to think he’s a big bad boxer, but this is his second straight loss. First, he lost to Tommy Fury and now he lost his tough guy image (I never believed he was one) by running away. It’s a tough time to be the younger Paul brother!

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