Jaden Rashada Chooses Miami For $9M?

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Four-star quarterback Jaden Rashada is heading to The U.

The Miami Hurricanes secured the commitment of class of 2023 QB Jaden Rashada for reportedly around $9 million…


Dan Dakich shared his thoughts on the issue of “buying players” on Don’t @ Me:

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  1. I realizes there a LOT of deep-pocketed “boosters” connected to major college sports teams. A LOT of $$$ is a relative term … a $1,000,000 to one man might be as significant as $1,000 to another and how any man chooses to spend his money is certainly up to him.
    This guy in Miami appears to be the quintessential “deep pocket fat cat” who wants his team to be The Best and is willing to spend his money to make that happen.
    I just don’t believe there will be that many of his ilk that will play this level of high stakes poker for too long. We shall see.

    • I think just about every Power 5 program in the country (and probably a lot of Group of 5) has some sort of trust set up to pour money into to assist with NIL deals. I am a huge WVU fan and we have the Country Roads Trust for this purpose. It allows businesses to contribute NIL deals directly and/or individuals or businesses to contribute money for the same purpose. To your point, there probably won’t be too many jock sniffers like this Miami booster who want to drop this kind of money so it will have to be a collective thing.

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