Jack Nicholson Is So Back As He Makes Lakers Courtside Return

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The Crypto.com arena exploded into cheers on Friday night, not just because the Lakers were manhandling the Memphis Grizzlies, but because their dear friend Jack Nicholson had returned.

It only took two words for the Lakers faithful to realize that their hero was back in his familiar courtside seat. As soon as they heard “Heeeeere’s Johnny!” the entire crowd in attendance and watching at home knew there was no way the Lakers were going to lose this game.


Nicholson walked to his Lakers courtside seat (which Darren Rovell felt the need to tell us costs $3,500 a game. Thanks, Darren?) while rockin BINOCULARS around his neck even though he was in the unobstructed front row.

That’s pure legend status right there from the GOAT himself.

The 3x Academy Award winning actor, who has become synonymous with being at Lakers game for decades, hadn’t been to one in over two years.

He picked a heck of a game to come back to as the Lakers crushed the Memphis Grizzlies by FORTY POINTS 125-85, to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals.

We haven’t heard much from the 85-year-old Nicholson. Just a few weeks ago, he went viral after it appeared that he had just woken up like he was Encino Man, or maybe he was just sick and tired of the Lakers BS from earlier season.


At one point, Jack posed for a photo with Ja Morant’s father.

Morant, of course, has had his share of off-court issues, ya know with that whole allegedly assaulting a teenager thing and flashing a gun while at a club.

I can only hope that Nicholson:
A) Knew who Ja Morant’s father was
B) Offered to help with an intervention for his son. But only if he could do it in Colonel Nathan R. Jessup from “A Few Good Men” style.

Ja Morant: “I want the truth as to why my life is falling apart and everyone hates me!”


It’d be gold, pure gold.

The Lakers (and Nicholson) will only have a few days to rest before the next round of the playoffs starts on May 2nd. They play the winner of the Warriors and the Kings. That series is tied up at three games a piece and wraps up tomorrow afternoon.

Game 1 will be back at Crypto.com arena and you can be sure the Lakers want Nicholson in attendance to continue bringing them good luck.

Jack Nicholson returned to the Lakers courtside for the first time in years. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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