Grizzlies Spoke With Ja Morant About Behavior BEFORE Gun/Strip Club Incident

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The Memphis Grizzlies attempted to get Ja Morant to calm down before he flashed a gun in a strip club.

The NBA superstar will miss at least six games after he live streamed himself flashing a handgun at Shotgun Willie’s in Glendale, Colorado. Local police closed their investigation without bringing charges. No gun was ever located and it’s not clear who owned the gun Ja Morant flashed in the video.

Well, it turns out that before the troubling incident, the team actually attempted an intervention. It apparently fell on deaf ears.

Grizzlies spoke to Ja Morant before gun incident.

“We have had conversations in the past trying to guide him and help him continue to evolve as a person and a player. Obviously, this came to a head the other day, so we put this process into action. The hope was that this would have never happened, and everything was as good as it should be, but there have been dialogues about what he’s got to do better and this just came to a head then,” Jenkins explained prior to playing the Warriors Thursday night, according to Yahoo.

Morant is also accused of getting into a physical altercation with a teenager and being in a vehicle where someone might have flashed a laser attached to a gun at the Indiana Pacers.

The incident at Shotgun Willie’s was the final straw, and he’s now away from the team.

NBA star Ja Morant being investigated by police over gun video. (Credit: Getty Images and Twitter)
Ja Morant being investigated by police. (Credit: Getty Images and Twitter)

Morant needs to get his head figured out.

It’s been truly mind-boggling to watch Morant’s life fall into chaos. He didn’t grow up in a violent area, doesn’t come from the inner city and as far as anyone can tell, had a solid upbringing.

Yet, for some unknown reason, he now tries to act hard and his father Tee Morant doesn’t seem to be helping. He argued with Shannon Sharpe during a game and seems more interested in being Ja’s friend than a mentor and disciplinarian.

Last summer, Morant signed a five-year extension that will pay him nearly $200 million over the course of the deal. The talented guard also has a Nike deal.

He’s risking throwing it all away just so that he can convince people he’s something he’s most definitely not.

Ja Morant has faced several issues off the court. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Hopefully, the strip club incident turns out to be the come to Jesus moment Ja Morant desperately needed. He has unlimited potential and the comeback story is now there for the taking. However, it sounds like he’s run out of chances when it comes to making poor decisions.

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