Ivana Knoll Appears To Have Joined The F1 Circuit

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Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll knew she was onto something when she added millions of followers during last year’s World Cup in Qatar. She also knew that if she was going to ride her rule breaking outfits into sustained success she couldn’t just be known for her World Cup appearances.

The World Cup only comes around ever four years. It’s hard to build a brand, even with more than three million followers, off of that kind of tournament. You have to get out there and keep your name in the headlines.

Ivana Knoll Miami Grand Prix
Ivana Knoll aka Knolldoll in the Baku ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan at Baku City Circuit (Photo by Kym Illman/Getty Images)

That’s exactly what Ivana did. Almost as soon as Croatia’s deep run came to an end she implemented a full court, brand building, press that is still going strong. She went topless at the beach, revealed that she’s not hopping on the OnlyFans money train, and hit up as many parties as she could.

Ivana’s still keeping her eye on her favorite soccer team while appearing to have joined the F1 circuit. She spent last week at the track for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix before making her way back home for the Miami Grand Prix this weekend.

“Leaving Baku with wonderful memories,” she said a few days ago. “I didn’t expect so much support and love, I am so honoured and glad to be part of @bakucitycircuit thank you! Now is time for @f1mia.”

Do We Have The New Face Of F1?

Before assuming her duties back on the F1 circuit in Miami, Ivana put on a bikini and hit the beach. She is a content creator after all. That’s her first priority.

She teamed up with photographer PichichiPixx and made some content that found its way onto her Instagram and TikTok pages.

Did a driver slide into the DMs and find some success? Is Ivana, once again, reinventing herself just in time for the eyeballs that the Miami Grand Prix could bring?

It could be either of those things or even an attempt on her part to transition into a motorsports influencer. Time will tell.

The more pit time Ivana Knoll puts in the closer we’ll get to an answer. Until then let’s hope she doesn’t distract a driver and cause an accident.

Written by Sean Joseph

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