World Cup Superstar Ivana Knoll Goes Topless At The Beach

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The party for Croatian model Ivana Knoll is still going strong. It all got started at the World Cup at the end of the year and is showing no signs of slowing down. She’s been all over the globe since the tournament came to an end.

Argentina might have won the tournament, but nobody had a stronger individual performance. Ivana knew where the cameras were at all time and dressed for attention. Her strategy worked out in her favor and she added millions of followers to her total.

Ivana Knoll World Cup Superstar
Ivana Knoll is seen during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

When the World Cup started she was sitting at roughly half a million followers. That’s ballooned to more than 3.6 million. The added attention landed her at a party with the likes of Drake and Jaime Foxx earlier this month.

The parties are nice, but the added attention has also turned Ivana’s DMs into a place requiring protective gear in order to navigate. She revealed, before the World Cup ended, that players had even showed up in her messages looking to meet her.

Unfortunately for them, she wasn’t interested, “I am only having fun with everybody. I suppose people like me because I am good looking.”

“I am not interested in meeting with anybody here. My intention is to make people smile, that is all.”

One of the World Cup superstar’s latest stops is the Maldives, where she checking in from the beach topless. She captioned the look, “what’s up, guys?”

The Content Is Still Going Strong

Ivana’s put together one of the more impressive runs in recent memory. Whenever a star is born at a huge event the internet eventually turns the page.

She’s managed to keep the algorithm well fed, and her massive new following entertained. Her ability to figure that out has kept the page from turning.

Mixing in an occasional topless look with plenty of bikini content doesn’t hurt. Nobody had to tell Ivana that.

Written by Sean Joseph

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