Instagram Model Veronika Rajek, Who Professed Her Love For Tom Brady, Proves Once Again Her Body Is ‘Too Dangerous’ For The Internet

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Slovakian Instagram model Veronika Rajek is riding her current headline wave as long as she can. The 26-year-old got things started when she revealed that her body is “too dangerous” for the internet and under constant attack from trolls.

That produced an all-time quote from Veronika as she took aim at the so-called body positivity movement. She said, “These days, you see a lot of overweight or even obese women online, talking about body positivity but when a beautiful, tall woman wants to be positive in her own skin, people want to attack me and call me privileged.”

Instagram Model Veronika Rajek, Who Professed Her Love For Tom Brady, Proves Once Again Her Body Is 'Too Dangerous' For The Internet
Instagram model proving her body is too dangerous for the internet (Image Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram)

The buzz created from that had the internet and the algorithms tuned into her social media activity. So when she was in Tampa to cheer on Tom Brady, and profess her love for the Buccaneers quarterback, the one and only Joe Kinsey took note and the rest is history.

Spacing her content out perfectly after the Brady buzz, Veronika dropped a series of American flag bikini pics a couple of days ago to keep the buzz going. It worked as designed.

She captioned her latest efforts, “The American Dream keeps on striving as long as we keep on dreaming big.”

Hate All You Want, It’s Not Slowing Veronika Rajek Down

Veronika is certainly giving the body positivity trolls a lot to digest here. They have to hate the fact that she’s wearing a bikini. On top of that the type of bikini she decided to wear is probably driving them insane.

Fortunately for the sake of most sane people the comments were supportive of the look. There were obvious mentions of salutes to the flag and Tom Brady’s name was thrown around for good measure as well.

There was even an unexpected Baldy Breakdown of the content by Brian Baldinger. He kept things short and sweet, “I salute you Veronika.”

If you’re getting a Baldy Breakdown, you’re doing things right. Veronika is doing things right and she’s proving once again that her body is too dangerous for the internet.

When it comes to Brady and the Bucs, they proved last weekend against the 49ers that they still aren’t headed in the right direction. The Bucs are back in Tampa on Sunday, maybe Veronika will be in the stands bringing them some more good luck. They can use the help.

Written by Sean Joseph

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