Veronika Rajek Goes Topless In Capri While Tanning Her Booty

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Veronika Rajek has enjoyed one of the most impressive influencer runs in recent history. A lot of lesser influencers might have dropped the ball when it came to turning her love for Tom Brady into headlines.

She’s obviously not one of the lesser influencers. The 27-year-old Slovakian Instagram model has managed to turn those Brady headlines into a string of headlines and she hasn’t looked back. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, she’s out firing off content.

Veronika, who now has over 5.3 million followers, is currently resting and relaxing in Capri, Italy. This isn’t a no work, all play kind of vacation either. You don’t make headlines with one of those and she’s out to do just that.

A strong follow-up was required after she landed in Italy and declared herself the “best sightseeing view” in the country. Talk about putting pressure on yourself to perform. Those are Brady-level expectations she’s put on what she’s delivering.

On Thursday, Veronika – with her work cut out for her – delivered. She did some topless tanning on bed strategically placed near the ocean. This tanning session was for the booty as she prepared it for the Capri streets.

In a blue thong, with her backside positioned towards the sun, she wrote, “The tushie needs to fit into Capri streets.”

Few Instagram Models Have Enjoyed A Run Like Veronika Rajek

Putting that kind of pressure on yourself seems unnecessary, but when you’re striving for greatness, as she quite obviously is, then it’s a valuable part of reaching new levels.

Veronika hasn’t shied away at all from any of the attention that has come her way. She’s called out Kim Kardashian, hung out with Shaq, and put her name out there whenever she’s seen fit.

The results speak for themselves. Veronika Rajek has a very high batting average when it comes to what kind of content works.

That said, losing your bikini top and working on tanning your booty in a thong is some content that most Instagram models would probably find some success with.

Written by Sean Joseph

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