Instagram Superstar Veronika Rajek Is Now A Tour de France Influencer

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And just like that, the Tour de France is back on my radar.

After years of just being something to turn on to pass the time at 9 a.m. on a random Tuesday in the middle of the summer, it appears I now have to keep an eye on things because Instagram superstar Veronika Rajek has officially turned into a race influencer.

The biological female content queen — she claims they’re REAL — has dabbled in all sorts of major sporting events and lusted over Tom Brady even though she’s a married woman and now she’s turned to a race that hasn’t been a relevant sporting event since Lance Armstrong was (allegedly) blasting oxygen into his bloodstream or whatever he was doing to win all those titles.

Now along comes Rajek — 5.1 million Instagram followers — to change the cycling game when the action starts July 1 and runs all the way to Paris on July 23.

“Whoever wins the green shirt at TourDeFrance, I personally congratulate and give mine as a trophy gift. 😁,” the Slovakian native wrote Thursday.

And just like that, millions of men around the world just hopped on their Peloton bikes that have turned into clothes racks with dreams of taking home VR’s green shirt.

What is the Tour de France green jersey mean?

According to, “the green jersey goes to the leader of the Points Classification. The amount of points given depends on the stage profile—whether it’s flat or mountainous, for example. Typically, the winners are the first 10-25 riders who cross a stage finish since the most points are traditionally gained at the end of the flatter stages (where the sprinters shine).

“Ultimately, the green goes to a well-rounded and consistent rider, as well as to those who show tremendous persistence, picking up points where they can.”

Cool. Good luck to the skinny dudes battling it out for Veronika’s green jersey.

I’ll say this about Rajek, she completely understands when the Internet is running slow on content. It’s June 15 and she’s dumping out Tour de France content. Earlier this week, perhaps sensing the NBA Finals lacked any buzz whatsoever, she dumped out basketball content.

This is the hero we need right now as we make the torturous run to the start of the college football and NFL seasons. It’s a little less boring now that we have a cycling angle in July.

Thanks, Veronika.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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