Hollywood Heartthrob Pete Davidson Shoves Pesky Knicks Fan

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People can’t keep their hands off of Hollywood Casanova Pete Davidson.

Davidson, a huge Knicks fan, was in attendance at MSG on Sunday for New York’s Game 4 against Cleveland. His postgame meet-and-greet with fans went sideways when one eager fan got too handsy with Pete.

As Davidson flicked up with his fellow Knicks fans, the SNL alum was bothered by an eager fan that kept touching and trailing him. When the older man in the salmon-colored shirt and Knicks cap put his arm around Davidson, the comic finally retaliated by shoving him.


While celebs usually get a bad rap in moments of retaliation against a fan, this case was particularly strange for Davidson. Considering he’s a Gen Z heartthrob, Davidson assumedly doesn’t have many 60-year-old male fanatics. The scene could have made more sense if it was an Instagram influencer or heartbroken Hollywood 10 putting their arms around PD.

Davidson still had himself a day as the Knicks took a dominating 3-1 series lead over the Cavaliers. The last time the Knickerbockers reached the Eastern Conference Finals was the 1999-2000 NBA Playoffs, around the time most of Davidson’s exes were born.

Who looked worse here: Pete Davidson or the fan?

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