Knicks Funnyman Josh Hart Steals The Show Singing ‘Journey’

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You don’t need good pipes to sing; just a bit of Hart.

There’s guys in the NBA, such as Dillon Brooks, who make a career out of being despised by general basketball audiences. Then there’s New York Knicks guard Josh Hart, who’s just down to have fun and win basketball games.

Hart was feeling euphoric on Sunday as his team prepared to take a commanding 3-1 series lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Josh Hart Steals The Show As Knicks Beat Cavs

Basking in the success of the surprisingly formidable Knickerbockers, Hart started singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” from the bench.

And let’s just say basketball was the proper calling in life for Hart …


Yet, it also it’s safe to call Josh Hart the “Justin Tucker of the NBA.” Hart’s got the voice of an angel … a fallen one, but an angel nonetheless. The guard’s singing gave “crashing the glass” a whole new meaning in the NBA.

Seeing his teammates’ reactions to his show-stopping performance, Hart joked that he would have pursued singing if not for a successful college ball career and a steady role in the NBA.

Hart was riding a high unlike any other, considering expectations were low for the seemingly cursed NY franchise coming into the series. Not everyone can strike the balance of humor and humility like Josh Hart.

Much like Hart’s singing, this Knicks team has proven that they have great range. Hart and Villanova teammate Jalen Brunson have been holding down the Knicks’ backcourt. also boasting an effective frontcourt with guys like Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle.

Now that the Knicks are 3-1 against a stacked roster such as Cleveland’s, there’s no telling how far this team could go in the Eastern Conference Playoffs (and beyond?). The Knicks defeated the Cavaliers, 102-93.

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