In First Home Game Since Tragic Shooting, Uvalde Football Team Pulls Off Incredible Last-Second Win

In the first home game since May's tragic and horrific shooting, the Uvalde High School football team pulled off a goosebumps-inducing win Friday night.

Trailing late, the Coyotes traveled the length of the field and scored the game-winning touchdown thanks to a pair of spectacular plays, including a 51-yard run with 36 seconds left and a one-handed grab in the corner of the end zone.

Take a look:



How about that run?! Absolute desperation time with 36 ticks left, and the guys pulls out of a tackle to keep the play alive, reverses course, and races down the sideline in a scene straight out of Remember The Titans.

Gets me every single time.

Not to be outdone, the Coyotes still had a game to win and the QB promptly delivers a dime to the corner of the end zone where his receiver makes the one-handed snag look clean and easy.

Love it. High school football is the best, and it's because of these moments.

This was the team's first home game since 19 children and two teachers were tragically killed in the May 24 shooting, the deadliest school shooting in Texas history.

It was a senseless act and I don't want to sully this moment by reliving it, so I won't. Everyone knows what happened. 

Back to the good stuff.

Houston Texans invite Uvalde football team to opener

Before the game, the Houston Texans also surprised the team by inviting them to the season opener next week against the Indianapolis Colts. Members of the Texans were also in attendance Friday night and provided the Coyotes with some sick Nike uniforms.

The Texans also announced they will wear "Uvalde Strong" decals on their helmets against the Colts.

All in all, awesome stuff.

The Friday night high school football scene is absolutely electric and one of the best memories from my childhood. And, if you go enough, it's a usually a safe bet that you're gonna witness something pretty awesome.

Exhibit A.

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