Gymnast Sydney Smith Is Back To Being Flexible While Working On Her Tan

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Southern Connecticut gymnast Sydney Smith is balancing her work and home life to perfection so far this summer.

The key word there being balance.

Smith, the college gymnast who’s rapidly rising to Olivia Dunne-levels of stardom in the influencer world, continues to be an on an absolute roll right now. The elite gymnast went viral for her flexibility late last month, and followed that with showing off perhaps her most daring move yet.

After putting in the work in the gym, Smith then hit the lake to work on her tan. Shockingly, both TikToks went viral for obvious reasons.

Roll tape!

Gymnast Sydney Smith continues to gain ground on Olivia Dunne

Goodness gracious. That had me sweating from head to toe, and I ain’t talking about the second video.

What an insane move from a talented AF gymnast. Obviously, I’m partial to Sydney Smith over, say, Olivia Dunne or Jess Gardner or the Cavinder Twins because I found her first. I was all in on Sydney before the rest of the world was (shoutout to Nightcaps!), and she makes me look smarter with every post.

Smith has risen to stardom faster than I expected, if we’re being honest. She first started bubbling up in March, and all’s she done since is add hundreds of thousands of followers on both TikTok and Instagram.

In fact, our girl is closing in on a cool 2 million followers on the ‘Tok. Not bad for an up-and-coming gymnast from small Southern Connecticut!

Anyway, if you want to learn how to tan — you know who to go to. And, if you wanna learn how to somehow do a 180-flip on a tiny beam and somehow land with your foot without breaking your ankle, you also know where to go.

It’s called being versatile. Look it up.

Written by Zach Dean

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