Gus Johnson Abruptly Leaves Oklahoma-Nebraska Game With Mysterious Illness

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Gus Johnson mysteriously left the second half of Saturday’s Oklahoma-Nebraska game, handing the call over to Joel Klatt and Brady Quinn.

The only reason viewers were given for Johnson’s exit was that the legendary play-by-play man was “feeling under the weather,” but that he was “doing well.”

College football fans concerned for Gus Johnson

Johnson’s abrupt exit sent social media into an absolute panic, and rightfully so. Johnson is beloved in college football circles, known for his bravado, enthusiastic calls and high-energy style.

The 55-year-old announcer has been around football forever, spending years on the NFL on CBS crew before coming to FOX a decade ago.

Gus Johnson left Saturday’s Nebraska-Oklahoma game with an illness. (Photo by Porter Binks/Getty Images)

Johnson called the first half of Saturday’s game, but didn’t return to the booth following halftime.

Longtime friend and fellow broadcaster Tim Brando tweeted shortly after the start of the second half that he just received a text from Johnson.

Fans, reporters, and broadcasters from around the league took to Twitter to wish Johnson well.

Other fans, of course, dove RIGHT IN and blamed Nebraska’s sucky first half on Johnson’s exit.

One Twitter sleuth even believes he’s found the moment Johnson had enough.

In any event, get well soon, Gus. The college football world is a much, MUCH better place when you’re yelling at us from the top of those beautiful lungs.

Written by Zach Dean

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