Gracie Hunt Shares Chiefs Cheerleading Auditions And They Look Intense

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The NFL never sleeps, and neither does Gracie Hunt. After nearly two months of recuperating from the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, Hunt was back at it over the weekend helping groom the next wave of Kansas City cheerleaders.

Hunt shared a little behind the scenes look at action, and the competition appears as fierce as ever. Makes sense, too.

I mean, is there a more high-profile cheerleading gig right now than the Kansas City Chiefs? Don’t think so. You’re basically guaranteed to be on the biggest of stages throughout the season, and you can at least bank on a couple postseason checks each and every year.

Good luck making the squad, though, because the girls came to play this year.

Gracie Hunt has to judge Chiefs cheerleaders

Goodness gracious. My head is SPINNING after some of those auditions. I know Gracie turned the speed up to 1.5, but still …

I think the obvious winner here is the third girl, right? I mean, she came out of the gates with her head on fire and left it all on the field. I’m sore just watching.

You’re telling me this girl ain’t gonna be a star at Arrowhead next season?

Gracie Hunt Chiefs cheerleader auditions.
Gracie Hunt shares Chiefs cheerleader auditions.

The energy is unmatched, the dedication is very clearly there, and the drive is evident. Sign this girl up immediately, Gracie Hunt. It’s an easy choice.

There were several other stars throughout this video, too. We had backflips, somersaults, some girl rode the horse, and the first one up in the pink even started us off strong.

I don’t know what the criteria is here or what the Hunt family is looking for, but I’m glad I ain’t a judge.

Good luck, Gracie. Looks like a tall order for an NFL Heiress in April.

Written by Zach Dean

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