Tiger Tracker: 2022 Masters Tournament Round 3



Final Thoughts

We knew the conditions today would be hard to navigate around and that turned out to be an understatement. Cold and windy, with fatigue finally setting in. Battled all day, but not sure how much he has left in the tank for Sunday.

But we'll still be here -- watching every shot and hoping for some fist bumps in Sunday red. See you then!

18th Hole: Holly- 465 yards, Par 4

Ball hardly moves directionally off the tee and he's safely in the fairway. His best club BY FAR today. 274-yard drive, 181 remaining to the cup. I'm sure we'll see some lips and grimaces walking up to the green...

That's a massive overhit with his 5-iron. Lands in a sea of patrons behind the green. 16 yards to the hole. Still your usual great reception as he makes his way to the green.

He's just nowhere near locked in. Lots of fatigue these past few holes. Sends this one low and fast, all the way down the green. 52-feet uphill to save par.. and this one also has too much steam and runs past. Seven-feet to save par.

The golf Gods just wouldn't let it go in. Rolls out right and it's a double bogey. +7 for the tournament, +6 today.

17th Hole: Nandina- 440 yards, Par 4

Another drive, another fairway hit. Will have a nice angle from the right side of the fairway, with the pin located to the back left of the green. 297-yard drive, 162 remaining to the cup.

Nope. Not even close. Lot of wind, however, kept that one from getting back there. He's on the left side of the green (barely) and has 22 yards from there.

He babied it there. A really poor putt. Still has 18-feet to save par. It really looks like he's laboring out there... his par putt isn't close and he's got four-feet for bogey. He makes it, but drops another stroke. Back to +5 for the tournament, +4 today.

16th Hole: Redbud- 175 yards, Par 3

Can't deny that he's battling out there. Three holes remaining, would be a huge success if he can get back to +1, just as he started. As has been the case the first two rounds, back nine has been much better for him. Pin location to the right, up front by the bunker. Not easy to get to. Some sunshine, finally!

Looks like he misjudged the wind. It appeared on line but lands short. On the green, but 50-feet from the pin.

Very tough uphill slope on that putt. It's well short. Eight-feet out to save par. Leaderboard update: Scottie Scheffler is -11 for the tournament, -3 today. Running away with this one...

Can't covert the par putt, blasted it by the cup right. Three-foot putt for bogey is successful. He falls to +4 for the tournament, +3 today.

15th Hole: Firethorn- 550 yards, Par 5

Blisters another down the fairway. 260-yard drive, 267 remaining to the cup. Don't think he's getting on in two with the water ahead.

As previously mentioned, Dr. Chao is monitoring each step that Tiger takes. Specifically, his walks across The Hogan Bridge. Had said earlier there was more limp today than previously. Dr. Chao agrees.

Lays up and then sticks the landing on his third shot! Has a 13-foot birdie attempt coming up! Just left of the hole. No boom :(, it finishes past the hole. Let that one get away. +3 for the tournament, +2 today.

14th Hole: Chinese Fir- 440 yards, Par 4

We're not on the fairway here, just off to the left, second patch of grass. 293-yard drive, 141 remaining to the cup.

Didn't have many options there. With trees in the way, had to fly it low and with pace. Pin position being in the back, couldn't afford to go short. He overcompensates and will be chipping well behind the green. 18 yards to the pin.

Chips to within four-feet (as he's done nicely all day) and makes his par putt. Another solid hole. +3 for the tournament, +2 today.

13th Hole: Azalea- 510 yards, Par 5

3-wood off the tee and lands on the right side of the fairway. Good start to the final hole at Amen Corner. 270-yard drive, 214 remaining to the pin.

Another BEAUTIFUL shot. No quit in Tiger! He's got a GREAT look at eagle, just 27-feet to go!

Eagle putt misses the mark but still a BOOM!!! Back-to-back birdies for Tiger Woods and we have some momentum with five holes to play! +3 for the tournament, +2 today.

12th Hole: Golden Bell- 155 yards, Par 3

There's his best shot of the day. Frankly, it's not even close. DART to within 14-feet for birdie. First time we've heard an ovation in a LONG time.

FINALLY A BOOM!!! BIRDIE and we have some life. Wrote yesterday that he's the most resilient athlete I've ever seen. He just proved it. Back to +4 for the tournament, +3 today.

11th Hole: White Dogwood- 520 yards, Par 4

Long Par 4, and make no mistake, he needs some birdies... but hard to expect any coming at the moment. Has yet to really throw a dart today on an approach shot. Leaderboard update: Scottie Scheffler is still out in front, -9 for the tournament, -1 today. Don't think anybody's got anything in them to catch up.

First long wait of the day so far. It's been cruise city thru the first 10 holes. It's MAGNIFICENT off the tee, in the fairway safely, will have a little work to do to navigate around the pines on the right. 315-yard drive, 200 even remaining to the cup.

Lands just off the green to the right of the hole. Been that kind of day, unable to get anything within a manageable distance for birdie. Man, he's limping much more today. Chipped to within three/four-feet. Has that left to save par.

Oh, boy. Misses it. Another bogey. Might be time to turn out the lights on Tiger. Fatigue is evident. +5 for the tournament, +4 today.

10th Hole: Camellia- 495 yards, Par 4

That one was heading right off the tee... lands just inside the fairway, but he misses the downslope to carry it. Going to be a long second shot. 309-yard drive, 197 remaining to the cup.

Pretty good shot with a 5-iron, right where he was aiming. Lands 30-feet to the right of the hole. Birdie attempt on the way. This is gonna be a fast putt. Watch out.

Again, just runs out of steam, but a good miss. Two-foot par attempt is a make. Remains +4 for the tournament, +3 for the day.

9th Hole: Carolina Cherry- 460 yards, Par 4

Another bomb down the right side of the fairway. Lots of speed behind it. Rolls maybe a foot or two into the second patch, nothing major. Has a good look to get on in two. 360-yard drive!!! Just 121 remaining to the pin.

Ah, that's another poor wedge. Club too much and flies it well past the hole to the back of the green. 22-foot birdie attempt coming up. He taps it and lets the slope take it. Stops six-feet out. Needs that to save par.

NOPE. He knew it right away and it's a bogey. Falls to +4 for the tournament, +3 today. Seems to be fading rather than climbing...

8th Hole: Yellow Jasmine- 570 yards, Par 5

Driver has been awesome all day, except on this one. Skies it into the right side fairway bunker. 274-yard drive, 296 remaining to the cup. He won't be getting on the green in two. Was unlikely to begin with. His birdie Friday came at No. 8, obviously needs it today.

Nice, easy layup out of the fairway bunker. Will have 146 yards to the cup. Can't afford to go short with the pin on the back right of the green.

He can probably live with that. Lands it 25-feet from the pin, just to the right. Got enough on it to avoid it falling down the slope.

Great effort on that birdie attempt. He really needed it but just goes two-feet past the hole. Has that to save par. Does just that and he remains +3 for the tournament, +2 today.

7th Hole: Pampas- 450 yards, Par 4

If nothing else, his driver is working. Laces one down the center of the fairway, has found it on 13 of his last 15 drives. 323-yard drive, 126 remaining to the pin. He's -3 for the tournament on holes 6-18. +6 on 1-6. Should bode well going forward.

Maybe not... his approach shot lands short of the bunkers in front of the green. You just don't usually see these type of things from Tiger. Appears to be rattled. If this was a drive and chipping contest, however, he'd be in first place.

As I said, if this was a chip/flop contest, he's be leading the pack. He goes FULL FLOP and lands it four-feet from the cup. Even cracks a smile there. Spectacular stuff.

A MUST HAVE par there for Tiger. That flop saved him. His iron play has let him down all day. +3 for the tournament, +2 for the day.

6th Hole: Juniper- 180 yards, Par 3

We might be sounding the alarm just a little bit... wanted to break the club over his knee after he lands in the bunker on No. 6. More scrambling to save par.

Well he's still got his hands! Out of the bunker and almost holes it again. Two-footer for par. Let's hope we don't see a repeat of No. 5...

He converts for par. +3 for the tournament, +2 today. Needs to get back on track in a hurry.

5th Hole: Magnolia- 495 yards, Par 4

Perfect swing off the tee box and walks it out. He's really got command of his driver carrying over from Friday. 304 yards into the fairway, 202 remaining to the pin.

"DAMNIT," Woods says immediately. Doesn't even watch it, as it lands on the front of the green, 65-feet over a mound from the cup. He's got a long way to save par.

He doesn't look pleased but he brings it to within six-feet of the cup. Has that left for par. That was a near impossible look at birdie. Goes without saying this is a must have.

Oh my goodness. Misses the par putt and then goes to tap in for bogey and it lips out... a DOUBLE BOGEY on No. 5. First of the tournament for him. Not ideal... drops him to +3 for the tournament, +2 for the day.

4th Hole: Flowering Crab Apple- 222 yards, Par 3

Wind is really picking up and he's watching it quite a bit. Long Par 3, with the wind in his fcae and a back of green pin location. Going with a 5-wood.

That wind is just gnarly right now. Hit a 5-wood on a Par 3 and wind still took it. Was moving left to right and just stalled out. He missed the bunker and will be chipping from the rough. 32 yards into the wind.

YEAHHHH THAT'S CLASSIC TIGER WOODS. He's still got his hands, alright! Chips to within three-feet. Par putt coming up.

Knocks it in for par! Pretty good start minus the bogey. He's +1 for the tournament, even today.

3rd Hole: Flowering Peach- 350 yards, Par 4

He goes driver at No.3 and pulls it left towards the bunkers, but far enough to avoid them. He's in the rough with a direct line to the green. 292-yard drive, 94 remaining to the pin. Pretty noticeable grimace as he walks off the tee box...

The gallery loves it, but he won't. Hits the green on the chip but well short of the cup. He'll be putting uphill, 33-feet for birdie.

Gives it a nice go, just shot. Taps in for par. As the broadcast noted, a MUCH calmer start for Tiger. +1 for the tournament, even today.

2nd Hole: Pink Dogwood- 575 yards, Par 5

OH MY. He just STRIPED one down the center. I mean STRIPED one. With the course being dry, it rolls to 364 yards! His best drive of the weekend. Just 208 remaining to the cup.

Wow, don't know what happened there. He leaves it short of the green, so he'll be chipping on three, rather than putting for eagle. Missed opportunity early on, we'll see if he can create a decent birdie chance. 19 yards left. In the bunker.

HOLY HELL what a shot. Almost holed it for eagle. Just three-feet for birdie coming up.

BOOM!!! First birdie of the day and first at No.2 this weekend. Back to +1 for the tournament, even today.

1st Hole: Tea Olive- 445 yards, Par 4

Alright, folks. Back for Round 3 at the Masters, much chillier than we were anticipating at this time. 48 degrees with 13 mph winds. Gonna be tough to get some birdies today. We're off and running with a BOMB off the tee, right down the center of the fairway! His best effort at No.1 all weekend. 262-yard drive, 176 remaining to the pin.

If you're wondering just how cold it is, Kevin Kisner is wearing a beanie. Never seen that one before. Well... he's on the green. It'll go on the scorecard as a green hit, but he's well to the right of the hole. Pin location was tucked all the way to the back left. 51-feet left for birdie. Gonna be an adventure.

Seemed to misjudge that one. Had a mound to deal with in the direction of the hole, didn't start right enough and it crosses well left with speed. Tough 9-footer to save par.

Struggles continue at No.1. Doesn't turn in enough and he bogey's it for the second straight day. +2 for the tournament, +1 today.

Tiger is celebrating making the cut by breaking out a white signature Woods Nike hat, dark navy signature Woods Nike polo, an ICY white signature Woods Nike sweater, black signature Woods Nike windbreaker pants and the white FootJoy's that he wore Friday. As previously noted, the FootJoy's offer more support than the Nike's that he usually wears.

Less than two hours before Tiger tees off and we have an update on his condition, per Golf Digest's Dan Rapaport.

Looks like somebody is looking forward to playing with Tiger Woods...

In case you didn't know it, the ENTIRE world is watching Tiger Woods' comeback. That includes a certain Irishman who may or not move the needle just a tad bit in his sport.

It appears that Tiger has passed the test thus far of making his way around the slopes of Augusta National. Yes, we've seen a few limps. As well as a few grimaces. But for the most part, he's hitting the ball well, although he acknowledged Friday that walking was the hard part.

OutKick's Dr. David Chao has been monitoring Woods through the first two rounds and said he saw Woods lagging behind more so Friday than Thursday. And after shooting 74, +2 Friday, Chao said he wouldn't be surprised to see that number shoot up even more.

"Woods was clearly limping on several occasions," Chao wrote. "He lagged behind the others in his group on the 12th hole and was clearly limping as he descended down Hogan’s Bridge."

Moving Day At The Masters

It's moving day at the 2022 Masters Tournament and with Tiger Woods still in the hunt for the green jacket, that means that OutKick has got you covered on every shot and moment Saturday, as we did in Rounds 1 and 2.

Competing in his first PGA Tour event in 504 days, Woods has an outside shot of winning this weekend, sitting inside the Top-20 after two rounds. Augusta National Golf Club was not kind to the field Friday, excluding World No.1 Scottie Scheffler, who leads at -8 after his stellar performance.

Woods' Round 2 will show a 74, +2, but as I wrote after Friday's round, he found himself looking much more comfortable on the course and with his movement. Woods hit 10-of-14 fairways off the tee, including a 339-yard bomb on No. 9. Long drives were in play with the up to 31 mph howling winds, which are expected to make their way back to Augusta National Saturday.

If you could believe it, this might be Woods' biggest test this weekend. Saturday will be the coldest day yet, with temperatures in the low 40s in the morning, rising to just the mid-50s in the afternoon, around when Woods will tee off.

The cold weather will be a challenge for Woods and his five back surgeries, something he hasn't dealt with on Tour in nearly two years.

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