Tiger Tracker: 2022 Masters Tournament Final Round



18th Hole: Holly- 465 yards, Par 4

BEAUTIFUL fade off the tee and he's on the right side of the fairway. I'll say it again: the driver has been his most consistent club all weekend. 276-yard drive, 159 remaining to the pin.

Great approach shot just left of the hole, has 16-feet left for birdie. Let's end this on a high note, PLEASE. A standing ovation and a tip of the cap coming up to the green. What a comeback.

You know he and we wanted that one, but it skips left of the hole. Knocks it for par and this journey has come to an end. Tiger Woods finishes the 2022 Masters Tournament with a 78. +13 overall for the tournament.

A HUGE ovation as he makes the walk to the clubhouse. And every bit of it is well deserved.

17th Hole: Nandina- 440 yards, Par 4

Gonna be a tough second shot. Drive doesn't fade in and rides the rough on the left side and ends up in the pine straw, right up against a tree. 287-yard drive, 152 remaining to the cup.

Just a gnarly lie there. Follow through bangs right off the tee, somehow flew that 42 yards to the right of the green. His third shot comes up well short of the hole, lands on the green 37-feet out.

It appears we have another collapse in the final few holes. Took his par putt to two-feet and then missed the bogey tap-in. It's a double bogey and he falls to +13 for the tournament, +6 today.

16th Hole: Redbud- 175 yards, Par 3

Back at No. 16 on a Sunday...

Pretty good stuff there. Catches the iconic slope and it comes back down in front of the hole. 15-feet for birdie.

Goodness gracious, all of these putts continue to slide off the rim of the cup. He saves par and remains +11 for the tournament, +4 today.

15th Hole: Firethorn- 550 yards, Par 5

Smokes one down the left side of the fairway. 281-yard drive, 266 remaining to the pin. Hits a sweet layup with the water ahead. Remains in the fairway. 124 left.

Needed that one to go longer to catch the break back to the hole, but lands short and kicks back slightly. He's got 21-feet for birdie.

Birdie putt is no good. Unable to take advantage of the Par 5's on the back nine. Tap-in for par and he remains +11 for the tournament, +4 today.

14th Hole: Chinese Fir- 440 yards, Par 4

A RARE slice off the tee and he's in the pine straw off the right of the fairway. 305-yard drive, 162 remaining to the cup.

Not much he could do with trees surrounding him. He gets it into the fairway, but I believe he clipped a branch. Needs a nice approach shot in the worst way here.

Doesn't love it, it's too far to the left and doesn't catch the break in the green. Sticks near the fringe. 27-feet to save par.

Oh, boy. This isn't good. This green is super fast, he just touched it and it took off way past the hole. 37-feet for bogey. AND THAT ONE GOES IN!!! Of all the putts, he makes the 37-footer for bogey. Talk about being owed one! Crowd obviously roars for that one. As good of a bogey putt you'll ever see. +11 for the tournament, +4 today.

13th Hole: Azalea- 510 yards, Par 5

3-wood off the tee doesn't draw like he wants, but still lands on the right side of the fairway. 266-yard hit, 233 remaining to the pin. Pin located in the center and just off to the right of the green.

Goes 5-wood on his second shot and crushes it past the green and into the rough behind. He was yelling "SOFT," but it was anything but. 25 yards to go. Oh, man. It's in the pine straw and he can't even take a full swing. He's practicing lefty here LOL.

He goes LEFTY and slightly nudges it. It stop short of the slope and it will be a long birdie putt. 48-feet. Not much break on that downhill putt and he's past the hole, off to the left. Six-feet to save par.

Great putt, great save. Needed that. +10 for the tournament, +3 today.

12th Hole: Golden Bell- 155 yards, Par 3

Heading to the historic No. 12 and these people could care less about how he's playing. Great and deserved ovation. Not his most aggressive approach with the pin located all the way to the right. Could have been dangerous so he goes left and sticks it on the green. Good stroke. 55-feet for birdie.

That's a really good putt. Comes in with speed and stops parallel to the cup, three-feet to the right.

Saves par and remains +10 for the tournament, +3 today.

11th Hole: White Dogwood- 520 yards, Par 4

Great ball off the tee. 326-yard drive, 203 remaining to the pin. Another fairway hit. Very nice piece from the broadcast, showing how much the Masters means to these guys.

Hmm. Tries to draw it onto the green and it hardly moves. Lands right of the green, even right of the green side bunker. He's got 19 yards to go, a very tough chip with hardly any green to work with. Pin is located back right corner.

He nearly played that masterfully. A few inches more down that hill and he's riding close to the hole. Unfortunately, gets caught up just enough and he's got a tough 15-footer to save par.

Looked good but it rolls past on the right ever so slightly. It's a bogey and he falls to +10 for the tournament, +3 today. Putting woes continue.

10th Hole: Camellia- 495 yards, Par 4

Hooks well left off the tee. It's into the bushes. 264-yard drive, 225 remaining to the cup.

So after he chops one out of the bushes and into the fairway, he throws a DART five-feet from the hole!!! Landed right and rode the slope back towards the hole with some turn. One of his best irons all weekend.

And he converts for par. A well played hole considering the tee shot. +9 for the tournament, +2 today.

9th Hole: Carolina Cherry- 460 yards, Par 4

Can't say anything else about his drives, honestly. That's another one thats SMASHED down the fairway. No indication yet how far out he is, but has a nice look at the green.

Plays it well on the approach and sticks it... but gets unlucky spin and rides the down the slope. 27-feet for birdie. Drive was 358 yards by the way!!!

And once again, the birdie putt narrowly misses the hole... it's a par and he finishes the front nine +9 for the tournament, +2 today. Shoots a 38.

Looks like somebody decided to make the trip east...

More stats we're not used to seeing with Tiger Woods.

8th Hole: Yellow Jasmine- 570 yards, Par 5

That's another nice stroke off the tee. Center of the fairway. 292-yard drive, 274 remaining to the cup.

Probably the worst camera work I've seen all weekend. No idea where his second shot landed, it was a 3-wood. Tracker shows it went right of the green, 50 yards remaining to the cup. So he'll be hitting a pitch most likely on his third shot.

Gives himself a good look at a birdie. Plays it fast and low and it lets up eight-feet from the hole. DAMN, just wouldn't go in and it's another par. His putter has really let him down these last two days.

7th Hole: Pampas- 450 yards, Par 4

Left to right off the tee, just trickles into the second patch on the right side. 324-yard drive, 122 remaining to the pin. Really thought the course was set up for more birdies today, haven't really seen that thus far out of anyone.

Trees in the way, needs to slice it well. Just doesn't get there and he ends up in the bunker short of the green. More stress being put on his short game.

Really nicely done out of the bunker there. Lands it past the hole, just four-feet out to save par. A much needed par save there to get some confidence back. +9 for the tournament, +2 today.

6th Hole: Juniper- 180 yards, Par 3

Misses right of the green with a 7-iron and stares up at the heavens. He's got 17 yards to the cup. He's got the hill just right of the pin to deal with.

Chips to 11-feet. Doing himself no favors right now. In danger of back-to-back-to-back bogeys.

Misses his par save again. It's yet another bogey and he's +9 for the tournament, +2 today.

5th Hole: Magnolia- 495 yards, Par 4

This is where Tiger's Saturday went downhill. Recorded double bogey after a four-putt. So far, he seems comfortable despite the dropped shot on No. 4.

Great shot off the tee again. He's really been in control of his drive this weekend. No issues there. 293-yard drive, 212 remaining to the pin. HATED that right away and just drops the club on impact. Lands short of the green and off to the right. Not nearly enough power behind that one. 27 yards still to go.

Right idea on the chip. Going right and letting it fall down the slope towards the hole, but it sprints past and he's got nine-feet to save par. No. 5 has haunted him all weekend.

Hits it too hard and takes the break out of it. Back-to-back bogeys and he falls to +8 for the tournament, +1 today. 10 putts on No. 5 this weekend. 17 bogeys as well, his most ever at the Masters.

4th Hole: Flowering Crab Apple- 222 yards, Par 3

TOUGH hole location, just beyond the right green side bunker. Let's see how aggressive he gets. Pulls it well left, barely misses the left green side bunker. 31 yards to the cup. Nope, he's actually in the sand.

Not bad out of the sand, brings it to within 12-feet for par. Just finishes right of the hole and he has to settle for bogey. Drops back to +7 for the tournament, even today.

3rd Hole: Flowering Peach- 350 yards, Par 4

He BLISTERS this one down the pipe!! 320 yards just short of the green. He's chipping with 26 yards remaining to the pin. Fabulous start thus far.

Really cool to see Tiger and Rahm walking up the fairway together, shootin' the breeze. Mehhh that one didn't sit well and he knows it. He'll be putting for birdie 25 yards out, straight downhill.

Sends it right on a very difficult green to read. Four-feet to save par. Confident stroke and puts it in for par. +6 for the tournament, -1 today.

2nd Hole: Pink Dogwood- 575 yards, Par 5

Straight BOMB off the tee. He hit one 364 on No. 2 Saturday, this one goes 335, 229 remaining to the cup.

Beautiful golf shot gives himself a great opportunity for eagle. Draws it around the trees and lands just in front of the green side bunkers. Sitting just on the fringe, nine yards from the cup.

Perfectly read green, but needed three more feet for eagle. He's got that for birdie, so a boom is still in reach. BOOM!!! Tiger knocks it in and has his best start of the tournament. Now +6 for the tournament, -1 today.

1st Hole: Tea Olive- 445 yards, Par 4

Has to be the most intriguing, non-in the hunt pairing of the day. Tiger Woods and World No. 2 Jon Rahm sharing the tee box together. That's flippin' cool.

"Who cares, Tiger Woods is playing at the Masters on a Sunday." Truer words have never been spoken as Tiger missed the fairway left and lands in the rough. 295-yard drive, 154 remaining to the pin.

Wow. He might be out of contention, but that hasn't stopped the crowds from showing up. More patrons following him today than any other day so far.

Back right pin position today. That will play. Best approach all weekend on No. 1, after recording two bogeys in three days here. 29-foot birdie attempt coming up.

SOOO close to a boom on No. 1. Just leaves it short and gets out with a par. Stress free. +7 for the tournament, even today.


This. This is the perfect tweet.

In case you didn't know or didn't want to accept it, Tiger Woods IS the needle.

While Woods had his moments Saturday, there's no other way to say that he simply did not play good. The 78, +6 will tell you that. At times, the limp became more noticeable. His putter, often times was used as a crutch. The final four holes were something we're not used to seeing from Woods: par, bogey, bogey, double bogey.

His worst score in 93 career rounds at the Masters and the first time in his career that he's three-putted five holes. Tiger said it felt like he hit 1,000 putts out there and admitted he had no feel for the greens. OutKick's Dr. David Chao said that Tiger's inability to squat down to read putts properly cost him. Another sign of fatigue.

"One can attempt to argue that the flat stick has nothing to do with the ankle but in reality, everything is related," Chao wrote. "When one is grimacing with every step as early as after his third tee shot, it wears on one’s patience throughout the day. Not to mention he has not been able to squat down to his normal position to read greens throughout this tournament."

The good news is that Sunday at Augusta National is expected to be the best day all weekend weather wise. Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures reaching the mid 60s-70s and most importantly, Friday and Saturday's strong winds are gone.

Ah, Sunday at the Masters. A tradition like none other.

And while we know that Tiger Woods won't be winning his sixth green jacket sitting at +7, T-41, the few who have a chance to earn a lifetime invitation back to Augusta National Golf Club is intriguing and full of those looking for their first victory in a Major: Scottie Scheffler (-9), Cameron Smith (-6) and Sungjae Im (-4).

And while those three will continue to duke it out Sunday, Woods will be coming to the finish line, perhaps running on fumes. But he's here, on a Sunday at Augusta National, most certainly in his typical Sunday red. And as a fan of golf, that's pretty cool.

So as OutKick has done for Rounds 1, 2 and 3, we will be covering every shot of Woods, one final time at the Masters, hoping to see a few more fist bumps!

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